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Twin Flame Union Vibe Reading 💓 What's In Your Easter Egg? Channeled For Your Next Step 🔥🔥

Once you pick your egg, scroll down to your reading below:


1. Flourite, from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky reminds you that the divine is always within you.

You are not separate from love, from Christ-Consciousness. This reminds you that you are not separate from any part of yourself and that also means that you are not separate in any way from your Twin Flame. You can align with love and all of the wonderful resources that are within this consciousness at any time. This includes calling on angels to help guide you on your Twin Flame Ascension journey. Remember, you are worthy of receiving guidance and support and it comes in many forms. Do not push away an extended hand of love that would heal you from higher realms.

You can spend time connecting with Spirit at this time in your heart and if you have any Flourite, or would like to look at further pictures of it, consider connecting further with this healing crystal. It's a beautiful and healing crystal that will help you with clear perception through your Third Eye Chakra.


2. Universal Light, representing the Soul Star Chakra from the Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman indicates that you are having an incoming download from the divine. Do not shy away from receiving spiritual wisdom from your Higher Self. This is where you and your Twin Flame are in Perfect Union and the light you receive will help you with your next steps on your Ascension and harmonizing with your Twin Flame.

Remember, if you feel something, it is with you now. Although there may be upsets around nostalgic feelings from childhood, it is just the ego's attempt to keep you separate from your own personal Heaven on Earth that you are manifesting with your Twin Flame and with all that is aligned with Love Consciousness. Love your inner-child and open to receiving this Universal Light throughout your whole being. If you still need to clear an upset, go through each step of the Mirror Exercise. Do the Mirror Exercise regularly for the best results!


3. This card is from Notes From The Universe On Abundance by Mike Dooley. The message is clear and the image is beautiful as well, with a reflection of the sun on the water. This indicates that you are focused on your abundance at this time, which is great. It also indicates that it's time for a slight, yet powerful shift in your mindset.

Is there somewhere in your consciousness that you are imagining that you do not have what you already have? Sometimes you might get tripped up in doubt or worry about the future, but if you surrender more deeply to the present moment you will find all that you need within you.

It's the choices that you make now that will impact your future self. Are you investing in your best life and full support now, or are you putting it off for when you can more comfortably afford it? This can look many ways and it's not an invitation to overspend, but to claim what you desire in your heart right now. Sometimes all that is required is a mindset shift along with taking the next step in guided action. This can take some faith to move forward and get "unstuck," but let's face it. Something has to change, and the power you seek to attract the abundance of your dreams is truly within you.

This isn't just about $$$ this is also about your Twin Flame journey. It's a lie that you do not have your perfect Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It's within you, not outside of you. As you clear the necessary blocks, you allow for more miracles in your life, including magnetizing your abundance and further harmonizing your Union.


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