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🔮Twin Flame New Moon in Pisces Romance & Tea: Pick Your Tea Cup 🫖💞 Angel Tarot Reading

Pick your teacup and then scroll down to see your New Moon in Pisces Romance & Tea Reading reveal!

The New Moon is considered a time for planting your seeds for what you desire to manifest. The more you surrender, the easier it is to receive the divine version of whatever manifests from you committing to moving toward the desires in your heart. Be open and flexible to newness and loving change along the way.

This New Moon in Pisces is happening shortly before the end of this astrological New Year, it's a great time to reflect on how far you've come and embrace your dreams coming true at the same time!

All cards are from the Angel Tarot, originally by Doreen Virtue.

  1. Congratulations on the completion of a cycle for you. You have or soon will be experiencing the feeling conveyed in this card of a "job well done." All of your dedicated work always leads somewhere good, as it helps you to build and expand your foundation of peace with the divine and your Twin Flame. This card is like a divine pat on the back.

Your tea is full of accomplishment at this time, it may include material gain, notable improvement in your Twin Flame Union, or it may be largely an inward experience at this time. Whatever it is, know this is a spiritual achievement worth celebrating. Romance yourself with your favorite beverage, whether hot or cold, you deserve a well-earned "cheers."

2. Whether it's incoming money or another form of payment, you are in a cycle of receiving abundance at this time.

Do you feel worthy of receiving everything that your higher-self requires to fully ground here and continue expanding your personal (and collective) Heaven on Earth with your beloved Twin Flame? Remember, if someone else can realize their dreams, there is no reason that you cannot also do the same.

The divine always gives you exactly what you need to take your next step, so trust that what you are receiving next is perfect for your expansion. Whether this is planned or unplanned, or a combination of both, you have an abundance of resources headed your way. Make the most of this by sipping your favorite beverage, hot or cold, and meditating on what the divine is guiding you to invest in, for your higher-self, at this time.

3. Your tea is the flavor of clear intuition at its finest! You can be the Queen of your emotions at this time.

Going deeply to your emotional center requires deeper levels of trust, and this is something you've been cultivating. This reading is an indicator that you are not only headed in the right direction, guided by your feelings, but also encouraging you to take your love a layer deeper.

The order of caring always starts with the divine, then yourself, then your Twin Flame, and then everyone else. How can you take your self-care to the next level at this time? Amp up your experience in your day-to-day life by sitting with a cup of your favorite tea, or another beverage and feeling into your next step in self-care.

When you feel cared for, the support you offer is that much more attractive and nurturing to others. It's also highly magnetic and charming to your Twin Flame. Pay attention to visions and dreams that you receive at this time.

Enjoy the Pisces New Moon! Set your intentions, dream, and get creative - romance yourself!

If you'd like a personal Twin Flame Reading to help with manifesting during this powerful New Moon, order yours here. 💖

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