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Twin Flames 💞 Feeling Passion In Aries Season ♈ Astrology & Nature Card Reading

Aries Season has just begun and it's off to a passionate start as Venus also just entered Aries. While this is a balancing time, given the nature of the Equinox, it's equally a time of red-hot passion. So, what do you like to get fired up about?

If you want to know more about what fires you up, you may want to check out what zodiac sign the planet Mars is in, in your chart, and its placement. Mars is the ruler of Aries and as such there's a dominance of what are generally considered more masculine traits. Although, they'll be expressed through you as the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine in a unique way depending on your personal Soul Design. If you desire to discover more, you can always book a reading with me to go deeper into clarity through your astrology.

There's a forward moving energy to whatever ignites your passion and purpose.

It might be time to look more honestly and reassess what it is that literally turns you on, it's a good time for empowering and healing in your lower chakras and your personal way of expressing your sexuality as the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine.

As you heal, though, it also means more responsibility because you realize how powerful you are (well, hopefully you do, if not keep doing the Mirror Exercise, invest in studying Jeff and Shaleia's coursework, and you will get there, layer by layer). It's not just about how you look in a bathing suit, and it's generally appropriate to be more modest than society teaches - not because you are a nun at heart, although that's cool if so, it's because it actually helps you place your sexual energy appropriately into your Twin Flame Union, whether you are physically with your Twin Flame or not.

Have you ever been inappropriately starred at and noticed how it's not the ideal situation energetically? From what I observe, we're taught from an early age, perhaps more as a Divine Feminine, although it can go both ways, that this is what you want. And if this is true you are damned either way because either you're getting a lot of inappropriate attention sexually, even if it's under the current. Or you are not and in both situations you aren't left feeling as valued as you would be if the world received you properly. You are leaking your energy. You may be attracting attention, but if you look more deeply you'll notice that you probably aren't magnetizing your Twin Flame this way and if so it's not sustainable.

Your Twin Flame doesn't find it too cute in the long run to see you leak your energy, but as you come to love yourself, including your sexuality, you realize how sacred it is and if you are wise you'll cultivate that within whether or not they initially come around. Even in the instance that your Twin Flame appears to be with someone else, and you feel like you're doing a good job of not being a flirt and don't understand what they are mirroring or what choice you are or are not making to end the madness, look more deeply into where you may be leaking your energy in other ways.

Maybe it doesn't initially seem to line up, but sometimes this can be you choosing to leak your energy into a career that is only giving you a part of what you desire, familial relationships that are not based on unconditional love, unresolved sexual trauma, or other ways you - often accidentally, rather than intentionally - may come to find you aren't honoring your true worth and design. As you identify and heal energy leaks through placing healthy boundaries, which is one way that regular, weekly coaching will benefit your journey and expedite your progress, you become more beautiful to the world around you in a deeper and more meaningful way. It's easier to appropriately share your beauty, and be sexy without being sexualized, in a way that feels good to your unique Soul Design, as you heal and learn how to authentically express your divine self.

It could also turn out that the person you feel is mirroring you the most of anyone is a False Twin Flame, but the only way to know is to keep doing the inner work and allow your journey to be revealed to you. If they're a False Twin Flame, you'll probably be ready to say "Namaste" and not care to see them again once you've truly worked through the upsets they mirror to you. If on the other hand you continue to grow closer to who you believe your Twin Flame to be in your heart, just trust the process and allow it to unfold peacefully before you. Your job is to heal into how you were created, not try to re-create yourself, that's why, if you recognize there is a higher power that is the Ultimate Divine Creator, this journey becomes so much easier and relaxing; it's truly in God's hands.

And especially amidst Aries Season, surrendering into God's Hands doesn't always look like spinning on the grass and lying down dizzy, yelling dramatically "I surrender to gravity!" That can be fun in small doses, and it can feel good to give your inner child full permission to play. But play also involves taking initiative if you want to take it to the next level - Barbie isn't going to dress herself up, if you know the outfit she needs and hairdo, you've got to make it happen. Surrender is involved in that process because it frees up where ego was uncomfortably weighing you down. In a state of surrender, creating feels natural and peaceful.

Aries is a cardinal sign, the beginning initiator of the season ahead. Aries also initiates the astrological new year, as it is the first sign of the twelve in the zodiac.

The card pulled from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield is probably the most romantic card in the deck. It definitely speaks to the energy of both Venus and the Sun in Aries; the passion is clear. It's also a reminder that this is a good time to ground. Create deeper roots in what you are passionate about.

This can be especially important as Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Gemini. Gemini, the Twins along with the drive of Mars can lead to a scattered focus, or more specifically going back and forth between two different passions, especially when it comes to what you are passionate about communicating and sharing. The truth is that there aren't opposing different things here as much as you are making them out to be. See how you can harmonize your energy into the bigger picture of what you are doing.

This is a time where taking a step back to see a wider perspective of what is at play will help you to ground into what it is that you are doing and being called to focus on right now. This is because sometimes you desire an answer to the "why." While the divine does not always provide the answer right away in my experience, often what is provided is some kind of vision. Trust the visions that you are given, that they are leading you to your healing, and feel into what is meaningful to you about any guidance you receive from your heart, and from others.

Book your Discovery Session if you're ready to embrace your Harmonious Twin Flame Union path, this work works and anyone including you is capable of doing it if you so desire.

Enjoy your Aries Season and all of the love within and around you!

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