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🔥🔥 Twin Flame 🔥🔥 Color Attraction Reading Reveal 🔮💞

Watch the video to pick a color, then scroll down for the reading reveal.

*Color Attraction Reveal*

It's time to cool down and energetically feel yourself relax completely. Get so relaxed that you are restored and ready to roll down the grassy hill of your next adventure gleefully. It is safe to have FUN. When you truly find enjoyment in your heart, your Twin Flame feels that wave of pure enjoyment and you experience this refreshingly blissful feeling together -- sometimes the seemingly little moments of splendor are just what is needed to attune you to expansive love.

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Call Romance more deeply into your life today. Where is it lacking? Is your clothing as soft as you'd like it to be? Is there a corner you keep starring at that just needs something? It's time to get cozy and spice things up in your life. It's peaceful to bring deep comfort and refinement in ways that make you feel 100 percent Divine. You are meant to be Romanced with every ounce of your being by your Creator. It's time to surrender to that truth and lay down your resistance to being loved fully now. You are pure and worthy of the deepest love always.

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Choose to honor your feelings now and speak from your heart. It's nice to say what's on your mind but if you only focus on that, you'll miss out on the best part of what you really desire to express to another from your heart: love. When you communicate love you're like a whale in the ocean that your Twin Flame hears and is attracted toward. You might think it's your smarts that you are valued for, but it's the peace that you communicate and share with the world that drives your Twin Flame wild (in a peacefully passionate way) and attracts them to you.

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The thing in your life that you think is supposed to fit over on the left and the thing you think is supposed to stay on the right...they're a part of one larger thing. When you loosen up and surrender your compartmentalization, you'll optimize the next level of your Life Purpose. When you're harmonizing with your natural purpose, it's easy to build a stable, yet expansive foundation for you and your Twin Flame to keep coming together on ever deeper levels.

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~Love is always on your side!~

*Originally published August 31st, 2019. Updated March 29th, 2021

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