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Client Testimonials

“I just had an amazing ... healing with Aldyn Richmond wow it was so calming it really helped me feel grounded and released a lot of unnecessary feelings and thoughts we also talked and she helped me heal a block regarding oneness with my twin flame and gave me amazing advice! Her crystal card reading was interesting because it talked about something that I had been feeling so it gave me clarity! I highly recommend and she is very sweet and calming”

LeDia Balla

"As Aldyn and I got started with the healing, she had to help me recognize some blocks and helped me work through them to ensure the peace surrounding the healing. She noticed how I was not trusting my guidance, my feelings, or my emotions. She noticed a numbness in me and I actually am infamous for numbing out. This is huge, because the flower essence she was guided to attune me to was one of helping with numbness! The flower essence attunement, in itself, is like magic! I can't even describe to you how magic it is. I could feel it so strongly! The very cool part about it is once you have this attunement done, you are familiar with the vibe and you can go back to it at any time forever, because she familiarizes you with it, "attunes" you to it. I didn't realize how powerful that could be. The upcoming weeks after my initial attunement, I would tap back into it during the day and especially while doing my spiritual work. This helped me get more in-depth with my spiritual work, for sure. I was reconnected with my emotions and saw much clearer because of her help. Since I was un-numbed from her healing and reconnected with myself, I was able to get so much spiritual work done that to my surprise... my twin reached out to me and I got to see him... in more ways than one, LOL! It actually was the first official time that I hung out with him outside of our work place as well! It's always fundamental to do your spiritual work, but with Aldyn's support, I was able to do much, much more."

-Anastasia Om

Washington, PA

"I have not felt my feelings in a very long time. I would easily get overwhelmed and break down in tears, sometimes to the point of hyperventilating. Regardless of the emotion, happy, sad, mad...

I am a divergent learner, which means routinely it takes a couple different approaches for me to understand a concept.

Your gentle and patient approach was exactly what I needed to understand what I was doing. The simple technique you explained to take a minute and instead of sending those emotions up to my mind, send them down to my heart, was crucial to moving forward on my journey.

Just yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed on the way to work and I felt it. I could feel the emotions going up, I took a breathe, and pushed them into my heart. I felt an incredible release of love.

In less than an hour, you helped change everything for me, thank you.

I pray you continue providing your gift to the world. We need you."

- Chrissy Emerick

Aldyn ... gave me a flower essence and card reading. We meditated on both and I felt so much love and energy flowing through me. The card reading and the flower essence spoke to me perfectly and the messages delivered is exactly what I needed to hear. If you haven’t worked with Aldyn yet, you should check her out! ❤️🙂

Breann Price-Sand

Aldyn was very patient and open with me, as she kept letting me choose the direction of our session, which was very refreshing to me.
She helped me through blocks in various ways and she let me experience the possibility on meditating on a flower essence and a pulled card. Even on a distance and through virtual interaction I could feel the healing energy!
We had a short hour, but in this time we did a lot of work together.

“I had an amazing coaching session with Aldyn. I ended up having the biggest breakthrough I've ever had through the session and after. She knows her stuff. Couldn't be happier with the results after just one session. I'm very greatful for the opportunity to have worked with her.”

-Kelly Bluett

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I just had a amazing session with Aldyn. I feel like Superwoman now! I felt safe and I loved it when she pulled me back to my heart center. That's why I felt safe, because I felt she was with me."

-Marianne Setervang

Tønsberg, Norway

Today I had a twin flame coaching session with Aldyn Richmond, and it was completely perfect and exactly what I have been asking God to send my way. It was my first consultation with anyone in the twin flame community and I'm really grateful that she offered her gift for this kind of exchange. Aldyn is incredibly perceptive and pointed out several blocks and areas of resistance in me that I wasn't even fully aware of, and she helped me regain my sense of peace that I was struggling to find, places that were blocked by my own anxiety. She reminded me really gently and compassionately that it IS okay to feel good, to step into that peace which is my natural place of being, and made a few suggestions that resonate with me completely. She really helped me feel grounded again. I experienced a whole new level of clarity after talking with her, and I realize it really is totally okay to seek support outside of myself. We are all here to support each other. Actually speaking face to face with her helped me see things more clearly, and made me feel more in tune with the reality of the twin flame journey, more centered in reality in general, which is always love. Just one hour had me really feeling my femininity and it revealed something for me to mirror concerning trust between myself and my twin, as the masculine energy in our union...I'm SO grateful for the whole interaction. Aldyn really is such a beautiful, perceptive, gentle, healing person with a real gift”

-Michaila Sanchez

“Aldyn is an amazing heart driven coach! She is very passionate about her work and really helps you dig in those deep places your ego does not want you to go. She also helped me tell the difference between my head and heart space. The energy and vibration around her is very high which one could only feel such joy and peace. Giving you such a pleasant and enriching session between God source and your true self. I enjoy working with her and would highly recommend her to those who want to get under the deep rooted and bottled layers of themselves. She not only helps you get under those layers, but also heals them! She also heals and helps you understand your relationship with God and self. She is an amazing twin flame coach! She teaches you that you are your own results and that this journey is really worth your efforts. She is a huge inspiration to me! I'd hope that if one was interested in her work,  they would be just as inspired as I am! Thanks Aldyn for shifting my perspective and heart with your wondrous coaching!”

-Hali Lovesgod

"I would like to thank Aldyn for the 3 card spread Oracle Reading. It was a great experience. Aldyn has a gift and a beautiful energy...Her reading was very accurate and I am putting into practice the valuable insight that I received."

-Laura Dea

Cagliari, Italy

"It was spot on when the card reading told me to call on the angles/guides to make me go deeper into my heart to heal and connect more deeply with my heart's truth and give myself the love i need to open up for Twin Flame Union ...
The playful dolphin card reminded me of my freedom to take action in my own life so that I can connect deeper within, let go of old patterns, and be ready to receive the deepest love from God.  It was a great reading!"