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Twin Flame ❤️‍🔥 New Moon Energy Forecast: Capricorn New Moon - 12/23/22

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

A couple with an image of the changing moon cycle and sunset above
Twin Flames and the New Moon

The New Moon in Capricorn is supporting you in grounding your healing on your Twin Flame Ascension path to permanent Soul Union with your True Twin Flame.


This is not some pie in the sky, your Union is real and although your own consciousness is expansive, it's not just your consciousness alone that attracts your Union. This is because you did not create yourself. God is the creator, and you may have a different way of referring to the divine, but ultimately you align your consciousness with the divine love of God's consciousness. It's not just your Twin Flame that is magnetized to you and loves you, it is God loving you through your Twin Flame, who you were created with in the same instant.


What does your Twin Flame’s higher self desire to tell you to begin your 2023? Find out when you order your 2023 Twin Flame Channeled Love Message that also comes with a healing flower picture and optional Sun Signs of you and your Twin Flame in the image accompanying your unique and loving Channeled Message. Order yours, and take your next step in divine love for yourself and your Twin Flame.


Whatever emotions you are feeling through at this time, know that they are perfect for you and your next step of healing on your Twin Flame journey. Feeling your feelings will help you to pinpoint what you are upset about without judging yourself and from this place of clarity you can give yourself the love you need to restore this part of you back into the love in the center of your heart. To ensure you do this completely, learning and mastering the Mirror Exercise is essential. This New Moon will guide you into deeper emotional honesty, it is only in honesty that you can truly relate to another.


The Tarot card pulled for your Twin Flame Ascension path for this New Moon is Temperance, or Balance as depicted in this deck: The Lover’s Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Although disputed if Venus and her husband, Vulcan, in ancient mythology were actually lovers, especially since it was an arranged marriage, there is an underlying message here of turning toward peace rather than excitement. You and your Twin Flame's marriage is also arranged in that you will never not be married to your eternal partner in spiritual truth, which manifests as you clear the illusion of separation.


Excitement can be mistaken for joy that has been earned by stabilizing peace within, but excitement - like anxiety - is an ungrounded state. Joy may feel like it’s taking you to great heights, but it’s something you can choose to cultivate, enjoy, and ground into your vibration as love returns joy to you in your heart when you heal.


When you are emotionally honest with yourself about your reality, you may initially feel low in some parts of your consciousness, but those places are where you can often gain the most in feeling and healing through them. Whatever you move through at this time, you do absolutely have the inner fortitude to create the reality you are desiring through deep and unconditional self-love. As you learn to love yourself unconditionally, your Twin Flame will vibrate more closely in your reality because you are attuning to Union within your heart.


Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality, so investing in your inner reality may not appear to “pay off” the same way as if you were to move your energy around. Instead, this investment will grow, blossom, and pay off on an endlessly continuous basis as you align your inner reality with love consciousness and accept nothing less than that for your divine self.


Jupiter in Aries until May supports you in balancing your Life Purpose, including what you are passionate about doing and sharing with the world, with the energy you direct toward the romance of your Twin Flame Union. Healing blocks to your Life Purpose naturally magnetizes your Twin Flame. Capricorn Season is perfect for enhancing this transit and creating a stable and beautiful abundant foundation. Order an Astrology Report to get clear on where the cosmos in your chart are showing you your purpose and power in your Twin Flame Union.


Watch your December Elemental Reading for further clarity on your Twin Flame journey.


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