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Twin Flame Astrology & Tarot 🔥💗🔥 Lunar Eclipse Energy Reading

This week's astrology begins with the moon in the sign of Aries, guiding you to actively be present with your emotional state as you continue on your Twin Flame Ascension journey.

It's important to embrace what you are doing that is working well, and enjoy the deep healing you've done as Scorpio Season comes to an end and makes way for Sagittarius Season's expansive fire energy.

The Moon in Aries will move into grounding and comforting Taurus Tuesday night, where it will be for the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse until early Friday before moving into mindfully aware Gemini. If you find yourself moving through stuck or stubborn energy during this week, especially from Tuesday through early Friday, try making some space to do something creative and also break out your journal and write out each step of the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia, making sure to do Step 4 (the self-love and reintegration part) to completion to receive the full impact of this Twin Flame spiritual tool.

The cards embodying the energy of this week, starting off from the left, at the beginning of the week, and ending at the right, at the end of the week are drawn from The Psychic Tarot For The Heart by John Holland.

The week starts off with the hot and quick emotional state of the Aries Moon juxtaposing the message of "Observe," traditionally the Hanged Man in tarot. This is helping you wind down from the 11/11 Twin Flame Portal energy and enhancing your ability to see the order of operations for everything you are working toward to fall into place from an omnipresent perspective. Meditative practices can help you ground and benefit from this energy.

The middle card, Share the Love, is giving you permission to open your heart where you feel called to and go out of your comfort zone as you explore and strike a deeper passionate cord with understanding your soul's purpose. You do not need to sacrifice healthy boundaries, as a reminder, to approach life with love. Love comes in many forms, and the more you give love where you are divinely directed, including to yourself and your Twin Flame, the less likely you'll be to leak your energy which can result in feeling disempowered.

If you do find yourself feeling disempowered, practice self compassion and return to the self-love practice of the Mirror Exercise and doing other things that elevate your mood. From a loving space, it's much easier to see where to appropriately share with others in a way that makes you feel valuable and appreciated, as well. When you are feeling this way, which is naturally a blissful way to feel, you're actively magnetizing your Twin Flame closer to you without really even trying, but by just being you and living the way you're designed.

The last card highlights the Eclipse energy and is encouraging you to embrace the opportunities in front of you, do not be afraid of how powerful of a creator you are! As you embrace what feels good in your life, based on the Law of Attraction, you are bound to attract and manifest more of what feels good into your life.

To fully utilize your manifesting power, schedule a 30-minute or 1-Hour Twin Flame Ascension Reading Session with me - this can be intuitively guided with cards or include astrology, as well, read the full description of the Reading Session for details. If you prefer a more passive and informative reading, choose a Reading Report.

Sometimes, you might feel impatient, or even slightly sabotage the process, before the universe has fully given to you what you are manifesting with loving intention. But that's ok, as you become unblocked within, your energy can flow and you do become a magnet for attracting the essence of what you desire to you. As you do, your most beautiful dreams really are fulfilled, it's not always exactly the way you thought it would play out, but if you surrender to the divine's hand loving your life and filling it with your divine inheritance, you'll thank yourself for committing to self-love and your Twin Flame Ascension journey.

This week brings an important key to your Twin Flame Ascension journey, and a desire being fulfilled. You don't need to wait on it, or try to figure out what it is. Just be the best version of yourself that you can and be open and receptive this week to divine guidance and opportunities. Also be open to the feelings of love that are present for your Twin Flame in your heart, embrace the romance and the dreams, continuing to take guided action one step at a time. You've got this! Enjoy the Lunar Eclipse.

For a Divine Masculine Channeled Message for the Lunar Eclipse, watch the reading below and don't forget to sign up for exclusive Twin Flame Romance messages in my free Twin Flame Psychic Newsletter.

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