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❄️🔮 Pick A Snowflake: Twin Flame Union Energy Reading Reveal 💞

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Once you've picked the snowflake that resonates for you, scroll down to your Snowflake Twin Flame Union Energy Reveal. Since snowflakes represent, amongst many things, uniqueness, each card pulled for your snowflake is from a different deck. Enjoy your reading:



Rhodochrosite, from Crystal Angels Oracle

by Doreen Virtue is here to remind you that, just like a snowflake, you feel delicate at this time, and it's appropriate to relax into treating yourself gently. Seeing yourself as delicate does not take away from your strength or make you fragile. It's a powerful stance, whether you are the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine because it says to the universe "I choose to care for myself." And when you make that conscious choice, and it feels in alignment, you'll find that the universe responds accordingly by supporting you in your healing and self-care. Creating room in your life to integrate the healing that you do gives a more expansive platform of peace that you can perform on when the divine calls you into a new level of giving and living your purpose in new ways. Giving back to yourself is also highly magnetic to your Twin Flame. You're basically saying, "yes I honor myself as a divine and beautiful child of God and I am worthy of being nurtured." This will help your Union flourish at this time and create balance for you both.



Bloodstone, from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade Sky, is here to invite more Divine Order into your life. This stone is known to both purify and protect. The ultimate protection is perfect order; when traffic is in perfect order, including well-paved streets, traffic lights, everyone obeying the laws, etc., it's a safe, fun, and heavenly experience to travel in a car, as a pedestrian, biker, etc. But, when things are not in order, it can feel like an obstacle course and require a great deal of life force to "make it" to your destination. Bloodstone is a green light and saying "way to go" to all of the efforts you are currently putting into creating lasting order and structure in your life. Allow yourself to ground even more deeply, and consider using creativity as a vehicle to show you where your consciousness is in order, and where you may be avoiding, and therefore calling for more intimacy with yourself. You can always do the Mirror Exercise for any upsets that arise. Remember to take guided physical actions to love yourself at this time, after completing step 4. Everything you give to yourself, you are also giving to the foundation of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Perhaps you feel like reorganizing, cleaning, drawing, fortifying yourself with a nice meal or beverage, or spending some time around nature. Go with the flow of peace and see what you are divinely guided to do to purify and ground at this time.



This grounding card, from Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman, is pointing you to pay attention to deeply rooting down at this time. This can be a good time to do an inventory of some of your core values, since connecting to your core is correlated with grounding, perhaps there's something you are interested in manifesting and it's time to write a love list for it. Love lists aren't only an activity for getting clear on who your Twin Flame is, they are helpful and applicable for identifying the truth of anything you desire. Of course, your love list for a car is probably going to be different from the love list you write for your One True Love, but don't be afraid to dive all-in and discover how passionate you are about your desires, whether they relate more to your Life Purpose, romantic life, or anything else. In truth, all of your desires have a particular value that helps you to ascend into Perfect Union. Take some time to devote both to your desires, and to paying attention to your physical state, whether through light movement, meditation, or anything else you find physically grounding at this time.



This card, from Nature's Whispers by Angela Hartfield, is inviting you to step back and feel into what's happening in your life from the Divine's perspective. It's probably time to give yourself more recognition and credit for who you are as a person and all of your talents combined. It's good to focus on something particular and refine it, but it's also important to appreciate the value you hold as a whole, and that includes your One consciousness as a Twin Flame Union. God created your whole soul design, not only parts of it. There is meaning to every single intricate detail of your unique blueprint and it's time to get more intimate with some of those places that you may have cast aside because you didn't know how to put them to use. Oftentimes, it's not until you recognize the innate value of your gifts, that you are able to fully both give and receive them lovingly, without expectations. This naturally expands the peaceful state of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

For more you can schedule a Reading, Coaching, or order Twin Flame Ascension Art for yourself or as a gift this Holiday Season. Happy December!

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