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Twin Flame Reading For The Libra New Moon & Manifesting

This New Moon in Libra highlights where you are going into much deeper layers of awareness about your Twin Flame journey. As a result, what is out of balance will come to the forefront to be addressed. So, don't be afraid to honestly assess the situations that are brought to light, and to zoom in on how you are truly feeling. This will help you to surrender to Divine order and reveal deeper levels of what you are passionate about in your Life Purpose, something that is a theme for this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (Mercury started its retrograde in Libra, moved back into Virgo, and will be going direct on October 2nd).

As you become more aware of your feelings, you may notice closeness within you, with the divine and also with your True Twin Flame. It's safe to trust this feeling and to ground into the truth of your oneness. Today's reading includes a card pulled for you from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade Sky. The Dioptase crystal reminds you to center yourself in your heart and to ground into the root of the truth, where you find yourself in Union and harmony with all of life, including your Twin Flame. Harmonious Twin Flame Union is meant to expand and the more you can nurture yourself and encourage yourself to feel this truth, the easier it is to clear the separation using the Mirror Exercise, explained below in 4 steps.

It's a good time to look back over the intentions you've set for October and how this month is playing out for you. Take some time to ground the love within the feelings of your true desires by writing, drawing, or doing something that resonates with you as a way to express yourself.

The crystal, Dioptase, is also known for its ability to help you feel unstuck in matters of the heart. Allow the healing energy of your own heart to vibrate throughout your entire being, and to expand around you in a way that allows you to feel completely free to relax into love. You may also enjoy listening to Jeff & Shaleia's Meditation CD at this time (I listen to it often, and plan to listen to it again today, it's fresh every time and I can't recommend it highly enough).

As you give your feelings the full attention and space they need, you will become clearer in the next steps to take. As this card signals, this New Moon can help direct you on your Twin Flame journey. It's easier to utilize your inner compass as you gain trust within yourself. If you are struggling with trusting yourself, again, use the Mirror Exercise as upsets come up. It's helpful to write down all of the steps of it like I do in this video from a few years back, as I take you through one of my own upsets and into the full healing power of just doing it once. Imagine if you are doing the Mirror Exercise consistently as upsets come up - and way to go if you are - all of the healing impact that has on your being and in attracting the reality you desire to you, including Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, opportunities that support you in living your true life purpose, the home of your dreams, and more.

It goes back to the basics of the Law of Attraction, as you clear separation from your consciousness, you attract to you what you are able to show the universe that you are ready for by vibrating in harmony to the love within you. As you master each step the universe gives you, you convey you are ready for further responsibility, which also means more freedom, expansiveness, and love in your life. Keep grounding into the truth of who you are, and cultivate a trusting and loving relationship with the divine as you do this.

May this New Moon in Libra be blessed for you and expand the harmony that you feel in your life. And remember, when something does not feel harmonious, as you choose to love yourself, you will actually experience harmony returning to you in that very place of discord exponentially. Use the Mirror Exercise below to align anywhere you are experiencing an upset back to its proper place and feel restored in the vibration of love within your heart:

Here are the basic steps, if you want to become truly mastered at the Mirror Exercise though, then read the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. There's a complete chapter dedicated to explaining how to perfect this exercise, including the visualization exercise mentioned in Step Four. This comes straight from the book:

Step One: Describe in one concise sentence the upset you are experiencing.

Step Two: Write the sentence all over again, but switch all the nouns to pronouns to point to yourself.

Step Three: Ask yourself, "Is there ANY truth to this statement?" The answer is always "Yes."

Step Four: Speak to the part of yourself causing the upset and love yourself until you experience peace, relief, and completion within. Do the visualization exercise to further this healing if need be.

To further support in transforming your Twin Flame journey successfully, invest in yourself through coaching and Twin Flame Readings.

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