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❤️‍🔥 Your Twin Flame Union: Healing Separation & Setting the Intention For October

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

A new month can be viewed as a new cycle, and October is the perfect time to set intentions for harmonizing your vibration, including your Twin Flame Union and Life Purpose, and healing separation that is present in your consciousness. The month of October begins with Mercury going direct in Virgo, and in the second week is the firey Full Moon in Aries. At the end of the month Mars will go retrograde in Gemini, helping clear the way within to your true passions. Magnetizing your desires is a key theme for your life purpose and Twin Flame Union this month.

If anything didn't go as planned in September, you can honestly look at the lessons, miracles, and also what you would like to see change about the way you are feeling for this new month. This can help you make a new choice, perhaps in a place you weren't fully focused on within, and your choice to bring loving attention to this part of yourself will help you navigate your Twin Flame Union journey toward deeper levels of harmony, and healing separation for good.

This is also a great time to journal, or otherwise get creative and put your ideas to pen and paper. Write out a love list to help you get clear on your desires and manifest through feeling into and accepting what it is that you would like to call into your life. Writing out a list of core values that you desire can be applied not only to getting clear on who you and your True Twin Flame are at the core and healing in that place, but can also be applied to other areas of your life, like your life purpose, home, or anything else where you want to ground and utilize the law of attraction for, so that you can access and love that part of yourself within.

For instance, if you write out a love list for the business you are starting, you don't do it from a place of lack, you'll need to heal in the places where you're desires are pointing you to love within so that you can realize that the divine is with you there, and not outside of you. Remember to take it one step at a time, you don't have to have everything "in-place" before recognizing that you want to take the next step toward the direction your heart is guiding you toward. If that next step is healing separation between you and your Twin Flame, as well as other areas you may be focused on, like your true life purpose, coaching will support you in your inner work and clearing blocks, as well as the resources available to you through Jeff and Shaleia's body of work.

With Mars continuing to be retrograding through November, it's a great time to learn new, and revisit older methods, that help you to work "smarter not harder." This isn't about cutting corners, but about truly flowing with the divine and becoming more aware of directing and balancing your energy toward the best and most supportive was for you to serve and be in a healthy and abundant cycle of giving and receiving that naturally expands. You may find that you have more success during this time as you become more acutely aware of when it's time to redirect your attention back to nurturing your creativity and spend some time doing things that you truly love to do. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, maybe it's just a walk to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but maybe that is actually fancy after all, when you fully bring in the joy that your inner-child receives from the experience and integrate it with the mature adult you.

It's time to look at and feel into where that slow-burning passion is within. I'm not just talking about your feelings toward your Twin Flame, but the passion you have for doing what you love in life. That passion that you have, that is built on peace rather than excitement, is showing you the way to your unique soul blueprint, which you share with your True Twin Flame.

The passion that you have for your purpose, and the passion you share with your Twin Flame, are not mutually exclusive, and October is the perfect time to get in tune with your heart's true calling and see where it can take you and how it can help you heal separation permanently.

Updated from the original publication from 9/30/2020

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