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Libra Love: New Moon Twin Flame Romance Reading October 18th 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"Those who don't feel this Love pulling them like a river, those who don't drink dawn like a cup of spring water or take in sunset like supper, those who don't want to change, let them sleep. This Love is beyond the study of theology, that old trickery and hypocrisy. If you want to improve your mind that way, sleep on. I've given up on my brain. I've torn the cloth to shreds and thrown it away. If you're not completely naked, wrap your beautiful robe of words around you, and sleep."

-Rumi, Ode 314

Mic drop, Rumi's in the house. This week spawned a lot of creative output and the week isn't even over yet! The balancing of the Libra New Moon with the Libra Sun, and Venus along with the healthy dose of Scorpio energy is really allowing us to get into a steady and even flow in places that we thought were out of our comfort zone. This is cool because this exactly what the universe is calling for, for us to share what we are designed to share and letting God guide the direction we go as our desires are cracked open and pour forth into the 3d (whoo-whoo!). Uranus in Aries aspecting the New Moon can catapult us to go ahead and take that crazy leap of faith; it's like that feeling when you're hesitating about jumping into the water and then you just go for it and it feels awesome.

This is a great time to really dive into your ingenuity too. Be inspired by those around you who you regard highly and let that inspiration take you off into your own unique direction; you don't have to be weird or super different to do this, just get creating and be you. The world wants you, not who you pretend to be and you may be given some choices to make that bring you into deeper self-love this week through you're willingness to change. As your heart space lights up, you can invite your twin flame to share in the loving feeling you are experiencing and enjoy the pleasure of honoring your highest self when you make aligned choices. It is important to honor yourself at this time and explore more deeply the value that is within you, as you discover, it becomes easier to share your natural gifts. Feel out what's right instead of wrapping your mind around it. Use the logic of love and feel where it balances you within.

Abundance is in the air and you may be attuning to or experiencing quick manifestations as you do your spiritual work, which is always a great incentive to keep on going! We are getting close to Halloween and moving into Scorpio Sun on Sunday and themes of what scares us or unnerves us can help us shed light on where we have been playing into patterns to compensate for how we've adapted to our fears. This can help us to see where we've had the power all along and bring us abundance as we regain the love we have always been meant for and that in truth is always right here.

When we effectively channel our creativity, our sexual energy is charged in the sacral chakra and our connection to our Twin Flame is intensified. Stay in your heart's center and allow yourself to fully enjoy whatever sensual experiences and feelings come forth. You don't have to be with your Twin Flame to connect to yourself here, you are a child of God and you were created with this desire, so embrace the sexual desire within. Interestingly, Halloween is black and orange themed, very Scorpio and very Sacral Chakra :)

This week I've been guided toward some creative projects of my own and I'm working on a flower essence set to specifically address and help in the Twin Flame spiritual work many of us are doing. These will help you tap into your innate ability to attuning to Christ-consciousness, setting healthy boundaries, dissolving ego and more! Stay tuned, and in the mean time you can always schedule yourself for one of my powerful attunement sessions here.

My video below goes into greater detail about the Oracle Card Reading and Astrology for this week, as well as insights about Twin Flame love. Plus, I talk about the abundant energy of pomegranates (I love pomegranates)!

~Love And Light~

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