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Twin Flame Energy Reading For Sagittarius Season 2023 🏹 What's Your Spirit Animal Revealing to you?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Sagittarius Season is here, bringing an expansive fire energy and leaving the deep emotional waters of Scorpio Season. While you're always feeling your emotions when you're healing on your Twin Flame Ascension path, the focus is now upward and outward and emphasizes the heart's desire for spiritual seeking and fulfillment.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a far-reaching and gaseous planet whose positive qualities include joy and creating the spiritual bridge between Heaven and Earth. When not channeled properly, this energy can expand and amplify fear instead. This can be mitigated by completing the Mirror Exercise, choosing to refine your inner vibration and consequently your outer reality, and extending the energy and momentum of your healing into your life purpose.

When you have and choose to utilize the spiritual tools you need to continue to raise your vibration sustainably, you're on your way to Perfect Union with the divine and your Twin Flame. Sagittarius Season energy will help you feel joy in your spiritual work and encourage you to raise your vibration.

Be careful that your focus is on the divine and not on raising your vibration solely for the pursuit of material goods, partying, or even "having" your Twin Flame. Otherwise, you could end up with exactly what you wanted at the expense of creating a foundation of love for yourself. If you feel shot down at any point during Sagittarius Season, it's always safe to return to your inner foundation, where you can put your attention on your peace.

If you would like to commit to clearing your blocks permanently on a consistent basis, the combination of weekly Twin Flame Ascension Coaching and Twin Flame Ascension School with true Twin Flame Teachers of Twin Flames Universe, Jeff and Shaleia, are exactly what you need to be successful in permanently harmonizing with your Twin Flame in the 3D.

Your Animal Spirit Message from the Divine Animals Oracle by Stacey Demarco is below. If you would like to schedule your own Reading Session, where you'll receive guidance and deeper insight to clearing blocks to your Twin Flame union and life purpose, you can choose the best option for you to enhance and support your healing during Sagittarius Season.

Right now, all Reading Sessions include a FREE AI Art Image and Love Message Twin Flame Reading when you order by Wednesday 11/29! No code needed.


1. Horse

Horse: Freedom - this card depicts a scene of movement through a literal open door. You're moving through to a new vortex, or soon will be, and it's at times like this when it's important to not look back, and trust that you are doing it right. This doesn't mean abandoning anything of real value to you, but when you enter a new vortex the old one will inevitably try in some way to see if it can get you back. You don't need to go back.

By saying no to the old, and affirming your new choices, you're letting the consciousness of the old vortex know that you're no longer giving your power to whatever was not in alignment with love and it will naturally fall away and vibrate out of your reality as you enter your new timeline.

As you ground into your new timeline, you may wish to order a Card Reading focusing on your life purpose, or schedule a Reading Session. With this newly found freedom, it will be helpful to have clarity as to where to focus your attention.

Concentrating on your purpose is not separate from your Twin Flame Union, it can increase and amplify the attraction between you and your Twin Flame as you clear blocks through aligning with your Soul Purpose. Congratulations on stepping through this open door and into a higher vibration for yourself and your Twin Flame Ascension.


2. Beaver

Beaver: Work - It's time to work, the basics here of chop wood and carry water apply. Beavers build dams for lodging and protection, creating their own Heaven on Earth, and they aren't afraid of the work required. They basically know what to do between the beavers around them and their innate design. You also have a knowing on some level right now that's leading you into feeling the truth of you purpose and how to create the vision you see for yourself and your Twin Flame living as one together in grateful service and abundance.

Remember that this energy is not meant for partaking in the rat-race. You set the pace, and more so, it's God that sets the pace with you when you choose for God to co-create in your reality. Everyone has their own balance when it comes to how they work, both inwardly and spiritually, and outwardly and actively - it's important not to compare yourself to another, but you can take into account what can help you and what you can learn from other people's success.

The work you are doing is supporting you in building the bridge to your Heaven on Earth with your True Twin Flame. Whatever it looks like, if you have the energy, focus, and vision - go for it and allow the divine to flow through you and redirect you as needed. You can also utilize this momentum for housework, as the beaver suggests, creating a sanctuary for yourself that feels good and relaxing is worth the effort.

For specific guidance through the perspective of astrology, schedule or order your in-depth, clarifying Astrology Reading. The basis for this is your birth chart and will bring healing, insights, and direction to your Twin Flame journey and Life Purpose work. You can also schedule a 1 Hour or 1.5 Hour Reading Session where I can pull up your birth chart, pull cards, and provide space for clarity and healing on your Twin Flame Ascension path. A Reading Session is like spiritually going to the spa.

As you refine your vibration, somethings that used to feel appropriate in your reality may need an upgrade, so also continue to invest in yourself and your foundation to call in expanded abundance and the true love of your Twin Flame.


3. Deer

Deer: Power - You are clearing fears to your personal power. Often in fiction, it seems that the most powerful force is the villain, and this plays out in some history books, too. But, power that is not of peace always ends up failing miserably and falling away. True power cannot be taken away because it's connected to Source Energy through you. Source is constant, powerful, and love. There's nothing to fear by embracing your bold side.

Just like a young buck learning to use his antlers, sometimes there's a learning curve when embracing a specific energy within yourself that feels new or was previously feeling shut out and separated from your at the core. If you fumble around with your power or make a mistake, remember to have deep compassion for yourself. You're not exempt from learning, everyone has plenty to learn on the way to Total Ascension with your True Twin Flame.

The deer is a gentle and wise creature, and as you continue to heal your Solar Plexus Chakra and lower chakras, you can balance out the powerful energy you feel by also embracing your gentle and vulnerable side in new and deeper ways. Doing this is a way of being intimate with yourself since you are choosing to step into the fullness of who you truly are and feel that beautiful truth. This authenticity that you are choosing is highly attractive to your Twin Flame, when you give yourself permission to both be yourself and enjoy being yourself you have a recipe for self-acceptance and magentizing your desires into your life.

If you're having questions come up and would like healing guidance you can order an AI Art and Love Message Reading that will give you clarity and peace as you're supported through your Twin lame Ascension journey. You can also schedule a Reading Session to support you in claiming your personal power with your Twin Flame and your soul's design.


Remember to aim high and not be afraid to claim your dreams during Sagittarius Season on your Twin Flame Ascension journey into Perfect Union with your beloved. 🏹

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