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Twin Flame 💘 Astrology & Love ♏ Scorpio Season Channeled Message: Pick Your Potion

Updated: Oct 23, 2022


It's time for Scorpio Season. This Pick Your Potion is a fun and healing way to receive a message for your Twin Flame Ascension journey. No matter what is going on between you and your Twin Flame, you can always choose union in your heart. As you heal with the work, your union will naturally be in alignment with your entire reality.


Now that you've picked your Love Potion for Scorpio Season, scroll down to read your healing Twin Flame channeled message.


Twin Flame Love Potion Reading


Love Potion #1

You are calling in more energy and life force, so as the dropper bottle suggests, take things one drop - or step - at a time.

You may be tempted to burn the midnight oil when it comes to your spiritual work, but remember that balance is the best approach which sometimes asks you to relax and nourish yourself as you build steady momentum.

Cultivating stability as you expand your foundation is going to magnetize your Twin Flame to you because you are creating a safe and secure foundation that is irresistible to your highest love and divine counterpart.

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Pay attention to the astrological energy of love-centered Venus moving into Scorpio during the end of October, which can motivate you to make time to go deeper with self care and cultivate more intimacy in your life.

Whether or not it's paying off right away, don't be afraid to put some time and loving energy into investing in an endeavor that you feel called to, the resources will come as you steadily create value that you can share with consciousness.


Twin Flame Love Potion Reading


Love Potion #2

You can find real joy in diving into the depths of your emotions right now, coming up with a catch of lovely treasure.

This is an excellent time to go into your psyche and see what you find - what blocks are preventing you from more complete harmony with your Twin Flame?

You can discover hidden truths during this Scorpio Season that are going to add a lot of beauty and romance to your life as long as you don't ignore them and also face the more difficult feelings that can arise when doing the inner work. The Mirror Exercise will provide all of the leverage you need to move through this time, so don't forget to love yourself through it.

You'll be happy that you did and you'll also raise your vibration which is more revealing of your authentic self, your Twin Flame recognizes you, and acts accordingly, when you are true to your heart.

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The astrological energy of the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th will help you play detective with feelings in your heart that may have been hidden behind blocks until now.

Feeling your feelings is a simple and incredibly powerful way to activate love in your heart so that you may heal your energy and continue aligning with your Harmonious Twin Flame Union within. As you align with love, during the New Moon, you'll naturally see shifts in your reality that reflect your loving choices.

The New Moon in Scorpio is a great time to set intentions, and intentions are best set when you can truly feel the love of them, which according to the Law of Attraction, will result in you attracting the reality that is most like the dominating vibration of your inner experience.


Twin Flame Love Potion Reading