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Your Twin Flame Union & Life Purpose Spiritual Journey: Sagittarius Season 2022 Transformation

Sagittarius Season has arrived, and I'm already noticing more posts about traveling and exploring on my social media feed. It's no surprise because as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, it's all about expansion, reaching for the cosmos, and there is also an optimistic and confident energy that is its own transformative Sagittarius flavor. This specific spice of life can easily be applied to healing through upsets that are causing any sense of separation between you and your Twin Flame, life purpose, abundance, and anything else that is of your greatest good.

After going deep into inner truths during Scorpio Season, which was also lead in to Venus moving into Scorpio and those inner truths now being specifically focused on romantic feelings, it's a good opportunity to easily see what feels out of place and heal the upset with minimal effort.

Sagittarian energy is naturally drawn to a heightened vibration, the issue here can be desiring so bad the finer things in life - like travel, leisure, and the spa-like feeling of basking in spiritual healing - that other, extremely important, parts of your foundation of peace are disregarded in order to reach what will give you the highest feeling now. However, if you are willing to go to those uncomfortable places within your consciousness, where you may still not feel so good about your Twin Flame, life purpose, or anything else instead of ignoring it and getting distracted by something that's initially easier on the mind's eye and more palatable, you'll find that it's easy to swoop in and restore those feelings and emotions to a state of peace with self-love through the Mirror Exercise. When you utilize that Sagitarrian arrow to aim and shoot for greater heights in a strategic way that ultimately is for your highest good and beyond any self-indulging patterns, you're bound to achieve bountiful results at this time.

With that being said, it's not about the result and your expectations of what the end result should look like of you healing an upset. You do the inner work to feel good, it's not your job to know or control what manifests, but that doesn't mean you can't dream big about what your transformation looks like, it just means practicing radical non-attachment as you go. The expansive energy of Sagittarius can be utilized to raise your vibration sustainably, so if you are humbled or made aware of an imbalance within you during this time, see it as an opportunity to ground and notice how swiftly the energy shifts in your reality as you come to new states of inner-awareness. Practice feeling the ease of always being in the right place at the right time and trust that the divine has your back in each moment, this will help you see more clearly each step being presented to you and also help you feel more secure in just going for it and taking that step.

To help yourself with setting intentions of bold transformation and opening to trust that the divine is delivering what is meant for you, here is an excellent activity that you can do once, or as many times as you like:

  • Revamp your digital backgrounds, wallpapers, or other places you look at often with something in alignment with your goals that is also pleasing to you, to look at. This activity is basically like a vision board, but simplified. Start with the screen you look at most often, maybe your computer background or screensaver, for instance, and find an image that fits the dream of your highest lifestyle. Bonus points if you want to make a digital collage (programs like canva have free options and make it easy to do this, or if you want to get fancy, you can do it in photoshop). For example, maybe you feel like you really want to live in a sprawling Mediterranean villa, but have no idea how you would ever achieve that, that could be a good place to start googling images for this activity. It could be something just like a bouquet of flowers, anything that feels and looks in alignment with your desires is perfect. Take some time to find that perfect image that makes your heart sing. As an option, if you make a collage, consider if you'd like to share it on any social media or just have it for yourself, either way is perfect for you at this time.

Hold your vision high and remember to take those guided action steps that get you where you desire to go. Every day provides an opportunity for your peaceful expansion, all you need to do is embrace each opportunity and choose to learn and love yourself fully, no matter what. It's a good time to invest how you feel called to into celebrating the magnificence of you, you are God's cherished gift, and every time you extend your gift, you are extending the divine through yourself to another. Practicing gratitude also means giving back to yourself and appreciating yourself in each moment, including this one.

If you'd like to commit to yourself further and aren't already, you can invest in regular coaching to help you in fully clearing the blocks and transforming on your Twin Flame Ascension path. All coaching is currently on sale to support you during this pandemic. You can also gain further clarity through a reading or, if you are a visual person like me, consider gifting yourself or another a healing and colorful piece of Ascension Art. I'll be offering some Ascension Art workshops soon, as well. And don't forget to subscribe if you'd like to receive exclusive readings and updates.

Happy celebrating during this Sagittarius Season, here's to achieving even more peace and satisfaction in your life and Union - cheers!

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