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New Moon In Pisces♓ Twin Flame Energy & Astrology Reading🔥🔥

New beginnings with the New Moon are happening now, as the Moon has already entered Pisces, where it will be until Saturday.

The New Moon is exact at 2:21 am PST Saturday morning. And what this means for your Twin Flame Ascension journey is that it's a great time for new beginnings, for planting seeds when it comes to your manifesting process. If you'd like a card pulled for you (Live and recorded) for the New Moon, you can claim your reading here.

You can't control what it is that you manifest, but you can nurture the vision that God gives to you and move toward the desire you feel in your heart. Be open to change. What if you thought you were planting some wildflowers and the seeds accidentally got mixed up with a rare and beautiful flower that took a bit longer to bloom. Would you stop watering it and uproot it and replant wildflowers, upset. Or would you simply love what is right in front of you, and then when it does bloom, be so glad and in a state of deeper peace because you were open to what the gift became?

This Pisces New Moon is revealing to you a place where you can focus more of your attention on manifesting with more depth and love. Venus and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, as well, and can help lead you into a place where you may have dreamed, without fully realizing it, of belonging for a long time. If there's a dream of being accepted into a higher rung of society, or of expanding more completely into your environment somehow and witnessing it flourish, pay attention. This may bring up insecurities, and that is not a bad thing, it's taking you to the place where your inner-child and inner-teenager is desiring for you to love and accept them; to recognize how great they are and that their inherent talents and creativity are valuable.

Today's card for this energy reading for the Pisces New Moon comes from the Angel Tarot, originally by Doreen Virtue. You are being reminded of the abundance in your life and that you already have the love within you to cultivate and continue toward the life of your dreams.

Be grateful for anything in your life that matches the vibration of your desires in your heart, and allow the good feelings to sink all of the way into your heart's center. This is a card of emotional well-being and encourages you to not be afraid to face whatever is before you, because you have the foundation needed that will provide you with the energy required to plant your seeds for this new cycle of manifesting on your Twin Flame journey.

It's also time to surrender more deeply into what you already have with God. You don't need anything more than this present moment to surrender and release control. The process of surrender will infuse you with divine power, so don't be afraid to go to that next level of commitment to your higher self and Twin Flame Union.

Lastly, do something creative for yourself during this New Moon, even if it's a visual meditation. Or, consider creating a vision board, sketching, journaling. Respect the creative within you, and amp up this cycle of manifesting by doing something that brings awareness to the colorful reality encapsulated in your heart's true desires.

Claim your One-Card Reading, which will be live and recorded for you on Saturday, 3/13, at 1 pm PT during the New Moon.

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