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The Last Full Moon ♋ of 2020: Twin Flame Union Energy Reading 🔥🔥

The Last Full Moon of the year is in the Sign of Cancer and invites you to appreciate the domestic side of life in a grounded way. This is a great time to heal through blocks on your Twin Flame journey by putting some practical application to your creative side and utilizing your creativity to help you sort and feel through your emotions.

As 2020 comes to a close, it's especially of value to take some time to express what you are currently feeling and what dreams and desires you are embracing at this time. Are you putting your Twin Flame journey first?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself often because it is easy to get sidetracked and thrown off course. Something interesting about this journey is that it really comes down to if you are doing what love is calling you to do. It's not about going after the person you believe is (whether they are or are not) your Twin Flame or about going after that job that will give you the fancy car and cute dog to woo them with. Maybe those things are what you are being guided to do, maybe it's something seemingly unrelated. It's about clearing the blocks to your relationship with the divine so that you are able to listen within to the compass of your heart and trust that you are being guided in the direction of your desire.

Listening within doesn't mean the voice of God needs to come booming from out of nowhere, sure there may be times where there is something being very clearly communicated to you from within, but often times guidance does come through everyday interactions, a chance encounter with an object that brings you back to a memory of something you are ready to face and heal, and countless other ways.

Nothing happens by chance though, and if you aren't convinced that chaos isn't real, it may be that you are overly in your head, trying to logic everything together and leaving your emotions to flail about desperately attempting to receive your loving attention. That can make things feel chaotic like they are happening by chance and without complete order. However, by marrying your heart and mind and allowing your heart to heal and lead the way, you gain clarity and intelligence, you don't lose anything.

Your Twin Flame journey invites you into the symphony awaiting you in the center of your heart. The Cancer Full Moon is the perfect time to balance rooting down with higher thoughts and feelings that the divine is communicating to you. With Mercury and the Sun together in Capricorn, there is both an earthy physical sensation to grounding your feelings, and a sensitive flow that invites you to connect your emotional center with higher thought and order.

This card pulled for the last Full Moon of the year, known as the Cold Moon, is from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland. It invites you to be true to yourself by becoming more intimate with your sensuality and creative power. This doesn't need to look like your sacral chakra suddenly turns into a burning fire and shoots you into the sky, and I think sometimes focusing on the Sacral Chakra can cause excitement because there's a lot that desires to be felt there. Bringing loving awareness to this particular place in your energy body, as well as your physical body, is enough. From there, see what you are guided to feel through and do.

It might be time to finish that art, journal entry, or something creative you've been meaning to share on social media. If you feel more like enjoying your domestic environment and being cozy, or a combination of both, then do whichever feels best to you. This will help you clear the way for a fresh outlook on 2021. You may even want to spend some time over the next day creating a vision board or writing down some practical goals that feel self-loving and that you desire for 2021.

Keep Calm and keep practicing and feeling the peaceful benefits of the Mirror Exercise.

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