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💞 Twin Flame Mirroring Energy Reading: Your Love & Abundance With Venus In Pisces ♓

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Venus, known for correlations to love and romance on your Twin Flame journey, moves from Aquarius - where there has been a party of the planets recently - into Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and where all of the colorful lessons of each zodiac sign come to a culmination in the metaphorical form of an ocean of feelings that you can dive deeply into.

Venus in Pisces is THE PERFECT opportunity to get right to those unlovable places within yourself and to finally be able to love them up completely Pisces wants you to feel good, whether it's the part of you that feels crazy, abandoned, hopeless, or like royalty. Go out of your way to love the parts of you that need your affectionate attention the most. And don't be shy about going the extra mile once you've given yourself all of the feelings of love needed in your heart with the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff & Shaleia - go ahead and take action. Do you feel like ice cream? Would it be loving to re-organize your closet, or what about creating more supportive time and space in your life for being creative? Whatever it is that your heart is calling for, when you show up for yourself and take action, you build self-trust and go more deeply into romancing yourself. You never want to do this from a place of control, it may take some self discipline and will power, but check-in with God to see what your heart is truly calling for and be flexible about how your vision for romancing yourself unfolds.

As you fill yourself up with love, and commit to yourself on a core level, your Twin Flame will reflect that to you. Your Twin Flame is your most powerful Mirror, although not by any means the only one mirroring your inner reality to you, they will often mirror to you the parts that would otherwise be very difficult to find and love completely. That's why the Mirror Exercise is such a valuable spiritual tool to learn, as it takes you right to the places within that are pointed out to you to love.

This card comes to you, Clear Quartz, from Crystal Angels by Doreen Virtue. I can't think of a better Pisces in Venus card, as it reminds you to feel through all of your feelings and emotions.

The truth of your feelings is not that they are too big to handle, the truth is that only by choosing to bring awareness to the entire depth of your feeling can you find clarity. There is nothing more valuable than the peace that clarity brings. It does require you to become aware and to awaken to who you truly are. You never need to fear the truth of who you are because you are a divine child of God.

You are not ego and it is safe to let it go, have compassion for yourself as the truth of your desires is made more apparent to you. As you gain clarity, the vision for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and Life Purpose becomes more specific and easier to move toward. Having freed away ego, doubt, and anything else that muddies the waters, you are able to attract and manifest the reality that God would see you living in.

Remember to also go with the flow as much as you can. Be willing to do what you are divinely guided to in each moment and know that your action plan may change as you walk on your Twin Flame Ascension path step by step. Being open to change is an asset, and requires surrender. At the same time, let it be easy, being open to change doesn't ever mean attempting to create chaos for yourself. Invite God in to plan your day with you as you go, and there you will find true divine romance.

You and your Twin Flame are one and this is also a great time to re-discover some of those inner-child feelings where you can love your Twin Flame in places in your heart where you may have felt a longing for them in your childhood. Pisces in Venus wants everyone to feel good, but if you want to make those around you feel good in a way that does not take from you, you must first cultivate that love within. It's safe to give to your own foundation, your Union comes first because it is from this stable place that you are able to expand and share your good will with others as you are designed to do in your own specific and unique way.

Choose love in your life and the rest will follow.

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