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Your Twin Flame Union & Life Purpose: Setting Intentions for September with The Mirror Exercise

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe that here in The States it's almost PSL season (I laugh as I type, it's a little funny, but I do love Pumpkin Spice... and coffee). It's a great time to reflect back on the month of August and ask yourself, did I achieve what I set out to do for August? Look at the underlying achievements, the inner ones, not just the outer results, so that you can really take into account all of the inner work you've done as well and how you feel about yourself.

It's a great time to look at and account for your emotional healing since September is beginning with a Full Moon in Pisces. This is all about getting in touch with your rainbow spectrum of emotions. And speaking of colors, it can also help to notice if any colors are easier, or more difficult to visualize. This can help point you toward where you may have energetic and emotional blockages in your chakra system since each chakra is represented by a color. I often do this, in meditation, and find it helpful in showing me where to direct my attention inwardly and see what comes up, sometimes all that is needed is simply bringing attention to that particular chakra and loving that part of myself.

It's also important to ground and look at your reality as well, and how things are going in your life. Did you meet your financial goals? If not, is there a silver lining here? What about your home environment, health, etc. It's a good time to get outwardly organized and get things in order now that it's Virgo Season. And Virgo, sometimes included in the dual-signs (the others being mutable Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius) has a wilder side that often goes overlooked. This other side of Virgo is most stable when the inner-child is fully invited to the party. During Virgo Season, continue to take a look at where you were shut out as a kid from fully enjoying life the way you desired. You may find a lot of answers about who you are and how you are truly designed to socialize as you go deeper with exploring your innocent, fun, and playful side. This is also extremely magnetic to your Twin Flame Union, because you're uncovering the truth of who you truly are and how you and your Twin Flame are designed to experience life both together, and with others, including your soul family and social circles.

You may also get big hints to going deeper with your life purpose and how to partner with the divine in cultivating more abundance in your life through sharing the particular gifts you are meant to share. Remember to let go of perfectionism, even as I write this blog, I feel blocks coming up, ego trying to say that I need to include this and that before I publish it, but the truth is I'll feel peaceful and like I gave what I was called to if I make the choice to share from where I'm at right now. It's important to have a healthy flow to your sharing and not become stagnant because you can't deliver a world-class masterpiece, or at least you don't think you can, right now. But that's the very thought that keeps you from sharing, and that's all that's ever asked of you. Of course, somethings do take more time to prepare, more practice, etc., but the way to success is always to give from where you are at, not hope for some brighter day. YOU ARE ENOUGH right now.

This flowing peace in your life is also where you and your Twin Flame can continue to harmonize, so you are doing your Union a favor when you choose to embody and share your whole self, right from where you are sitting (or standing, jogging, etc.).

Remember to do the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff & Shaleia, for any upsets that arise to fully resolve your inner reality, you'll not only feel better but also attract more of what you desire into your life as you commit to loving yourself. The Mirror Exercise can complement and help you go deeper with any other self-love technique you are doing, and also goes well with the chakra color visualization/meditation that I mentioned above.

Here are the basic steps, if you want to become truly mastered at it though, then read the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. There's a complete chapter dedicated to explaining how to perfect this exercise, including the visualization exercise mentioned in Step Four. This comes straight from the book:

Step One: Describe in one concise sentence the upset you are experiencing.

Step Two: Write the sentence all over again, but switch all the nouns to pronouns to point to yourself.

Step Three: Ask yourself, "Is there ANY truth to this statement?" The answer is always "Yes."

Step Four: Speak to the part of yourself causing the upset and love yourself until you experience peace, relief, and completion within. Do the visualization exercise to further this healing if need be.

Once you've done this, you have completed the Mirror Exercise, congratulations on a whole new level of peace that you can relax into. If you'd like help with facing and working through whatever challenges you are currently dealing with, I know how to help you through this and how to successfully harmonize your Twin Flame Union, as well as your life purpose (which also means more abundance in your life!). You can schedule an Intro Session, or check out the rest of my website for other offerings including readings, astrology, and more. You can also subscribe to my email newsletter (I do exclusive readings in those, that you don't want to miss).

Have a happy start to your September, I'll be writing another update soon, including one for entering Libra Season in late September. Libra is ruled by Venus and often very relationship-oriented. If you'd like the full scoop on the energy present throughout each week of September, and also some astrological insight, then check out this reading, featured on the Twin Flame Universe YouTube channel, below:


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