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Twin Flame Union Energy Reading: Living In The Present

Today's Twin Flame Union Energy Reading is a reminder to invest your energy into the present moment, right now, and to bring awareness to how you are feeling. You may find yourself sometimes wrapped up in a problem that you do not know how to resolve, thinking of how you may be able to plan to resolve it in the week, month, or year ahead. Or perhaps you are still experiencing an upset from the past, wondering if you made the right choice about something ... these are examples to illustrate that your focus can be re-directed right now. Notice how your inner reality shifts when you have complete compassion for yourself in all of the choices you've made up until now. Also, notice how much freed up energy there is as you bring your awareness back to the present, instead of letting it get caught up in future planning.

It is from this place of practicing mindful presence, that you can easily plan in a way that feels efficient and good. You can also honestly look at whatever doesn't feel peaceful about the past and heal it with the soothing balm of true loving compassion. You do not need to wait for your Twin Flame in order to be completely present with yourself and enjoy deep levels of divine romance in your life. Choose to romance yourself now. What can you do today that gives to the essence of you?

Today's card is from Jade Sky's Eternal Crystal Oracle. The stone is Unakite and is associated with the Heart Chakra. Notice if there are any heavy feelings that are blocking you from experiencing bliss in your heart and chest area. You can choose to release resistance to your good now. If an upset arises, you can use the Mirror Exercise, which is below, to heal through upsets. It's best to choose to also receive coaching, even if you are proficient at the Mirror Exercise because we all need help and support in clearing separation and fully transforming on the Twin Flame path.

In choosing to be present, and remain aware of the moment, you can truly receive and commune with the divine. This is attractive to your True Twin Flame because your attention is correctly focused on the divine, rather than seeing your Twin Flame as your source of love. Your Twin Flame is your most powerful mirror and they will also amplify to you how you are feeling about yourself. It's important to humble yourself, which, by the way, is different from making yourself feel inadequate or small. Instead, in humbling yourself, your true power and peace are found.

See if you notice a difference in how you feel after making the effort to consciously remain present with yourself throughout the day. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it's safe to feel good in each moment and do inner work to dissolve the illusion that would say "you cannot have it all" because, actually, you are meant to have it all and you can.

Also a reminder that the rate of my Cosmic Destiny Report, both individual and for Twin Flames will be increasing at the end of October. This is a powerful and healing report that I love to provide, if you are interested in it or other readings then check them out here.

You can also subscribe to my email list for more Exclusive Channeled Readings, I'll be sending one out today and I can't wait to take this subject deeper in my email. Have a wonderful day and week ahead!

Here are the basic steps of the Mirror Exercise, if you want to become truly mastered at the Mirror Exercise though, then read the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. There's a complete chapter dedicated to explaining how to perfect this exercise, including the visualization exercise mentioned in Step Four. This comes straight from the book:

Step One: Describe in one concise sentence the upset you are experiencing.

Step Two: Write the sentence all over again, but switch all the nouns to pronouns to point to yourself.

Step Three: Ask yourself, "Is there ANY truth to this statement?" The answer is always "Yes."

Step Four: Speak to the part of yourself causing the upset and love yourself until you experience peace, relief, and completion within. Do the visualization exercise to further this healing if need be.

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