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The New Moon in Cancer: Embracing New Beginnings on Your Twin Flame Journey

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

As the New Moon makes its grand entrance into the caring embrace of Cancer on July 17th, it unfolds a powerful opportunity for all Twin Flames to begin a fresh chapter of their spiritual journey. This celestial event is a tender reminder to deepen our connections with our personal spheres, homes, and families, nourishing those bonds that mirror our soul's essence.

The Mercury-Jupiter Square: Earlier in the day, the Mercury-Jupiter square may have stirred a whirlwind of mental unrest, causing us to swing between doubt and blind faith. Amid our personal exploration and search for deeper understanding, we might have overlooked the crucial details that anchor our journey. Yet, the New Moon's arrival is a harmonious call to pause, realign, and refocus inward on our Twin Flame journey.

The Essence of the New Moon in Cancer: The New Moon in Cancer is a heartfelt invitation to nurture our foundations – both the physical and spiritual homes we’ve established. Cancer, with its profound association to intuition and emotional healing, compels us to explore our individual depths. It's a remarkable time for Twin Flames to work on emotional wellness and heighten intuition, both crucial for attracting and nurturing your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Pluto Opposition and Harmonization with Neptune: However, the New Moon in Cancer also poses its celestial challenges. Its opposition to Pluto encourages us to steer clear of fear-driven actions and the danger of excess. We might face resistance or obstacles, but these serve as catalysts for our commitment to start afresh. Fortunately, the New Moon's alignment with Neptune assures us that our inspiration and intuitive insight will support our endeavors to rebuild and start anew.

The Shift of the Moon’s True North Node into Aries: Adding to the celestial landscape, the Moon’s True North Node transitions into Aries. This shift underscores the necessity of independence and the courage to act on our impulses. It's a period where learning self-love becomes pivotal for cultivating a fulfilling Twin Flame relationship. We're encouraged to direct our efforts towards achieving internal peace, which will naturally improve our relationships and usher in happiness and satisfaction.

Setting New Moon Intentions: Cancer's energy, deeply linked with nesting and home care, offers a meaningful setting for an intention-setting exercise. Create a quiet, comfortable space within your home, and take a few moments to connect with your deepest desires for your Twin Flame journey. Write down your intentions, visualizing each one as already manifest. This simple act of home care can significantly amplify your alignment with the nurturing energy of the New Moon in Cancer.

This New Moon in Cancer is a time of renewal and introspection for Twin Flames, encouraging us to harness our intuition, heal our emotional landscapes, and feel irresistibly drawn to our divine counterpart. As we navigate this celestial journey, let's remember to celebrate our individual growth as much as our union's evolution. The teachings of Harmonious Twin Flame Union remind us that as we commit to harmonizing our energy permanently, we step closer to the divine love that mirrors our essence.

For deeper insights on your Twin Flame journey during this New Moon in Cancer, join me for my Angel Tarot Reading, focusing on the theme of "New Beginnings." May the gentle glow of the moon guide you on your path.

Your unique Twin Flame journey deserves unique guidance. With personalized Ascension Coaching and readings, step into this new lunar cycle with clarity, purpose, and a heart open to limitless love. Embrace the healing energy of Cancer and let your intuition guide you towards Harmonious Union.

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