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🎆 Twin Flame Union Vibe Reading 💞 Sizzling Reveal: Fireworks Pick A Card


Choose the fireworks that resonate for you in this moment and scroll down for your sizzling Twin Flame Reading Reveal.

There is no separation from sizzling romance that is unstoppable, and living in complete freedom. You are free in love with your true Twin Flame.

This isn't the kind of love that's going to just be a night of fireworks. This is the kind of love where the flame doesn't go out, this is eternal Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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Now, Follow your bliss to card 1, 2, or 3:

  1. Your card is from the Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman and reflects the hard work you've been putting into a specific area of your life. First of all, give yourself a pat on the back and also expect abundance to flow to you. It's safe to expect miracles! This abundance may come to you in a different area of your life than directly what you've been focused on, so be open and surrendered to possibilities. Remember abundance can be wealth, but it can also be health, love, or simply reaching your next level of abundance in all areas of your reality as you expand your inner foundation of peace.

Feeling abundant within is highly magnetic to your Twin Flame. Choose to do grounding activities at this time to help facilitate this process and balance your Root Chakra. Simply loving yourself and completely integrating this love in your heart in Step 4 of the Mirror Exercise can help you ground into your physical reality. When you are feeling love within you, you can't help but want to be fully present!

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2. Your choice reveals a deeper self-awareness and empowerment. Your card is from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield and it reminds you that simply being your true self is enough!

When you are able to make choices from an empowered state, your world feels easy, light, and free. Moving from moment to moment, carried by the grace of your soul, you become increasingly desirable to your Twin Flame.

Whether they are showing up in your reality or you are experiencing a communication block, you're still sizzling hot to them when you're choosing peace at your core and loving yourself. This isn't always super exciting, but it is highly magnetic and attractive. Your Twin Flame feels it in their heart of hearts when you're truly loving yourself. So, keep up the good work and let go of anything that's no longer feeling empowering to you. Step into the new vortex and let the old fall away as you increase your loving vibration.

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3. Your Crystal Angel Card by Doreen Virtue is the beautiful blue Azurite.

Azurite is associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra and helps you fine-tune your natural intuitive gifts.

The message on this card highlights the correlation between deep emotional healing and the ability to receive clear inner visions. It's time to let go of a whole new layer of the past. You may have done a great deal of healing work already and this is simply taking you to the next level. Choosing to move through your emotions, feel your feelings, and receive inner vision helps you to build self-trust.

Self-trust is sexy to your True Twin Flame and encourages stability and ease in harmonizing your Union together. On the other side of giving yourself space to move through your emotional process, is even more confidence and reassurance that you are on the path to your Ascension. Take a deep breath in and out as many times as feels good ... you've got this and you are doing great, keep it up.

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