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Scorpio Energy & Eclipse Season ❤️‍🔥 Clearing Blocks on Your Twin Flame Ascension Journey

The energy of Scorpio Season is amping up with the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse and it's a time for deep diving into the blocks that have been holding you and your Twin Flame journey back from transforming to the next level. Scorpio energy makes it easy, and even casual, to look at and bring to light hidden truths within you about how you have been feeling. Rather than feeling exposed, you can allow yourself to relax into this new level of awareness as you get more intimate with the depths of your soul and also do the Mirror Exercise if anything upsetting or triggering arises.

The sign of Scorpio, as well as the Eclipses, are associated with beginnings and endings and remind you that it is safe to allow whatever has come to a close in your life to fully end so that you may see the way forward in the direction that your heart has been guiding you. It's time to walk through a door that is opening to you at this time.

This is is beneficial to your Twin Flame journey as well as your Life Purpose ... see if you are feeling attracted to focus on a particular aspect of your Twin Flame Ascension path, at this time, and allow your consciousness to access the truth of your Soul Design so that you may fully express and share from this place.

By default and the Law of Attraction, this is naturally attractive and magnetizing to your Twin Flame. Not only do you attract Union into your life by embracing your Soul Design, but you also attune your vibration to accepting what is in alignment with your Union, like greater levels of abundance and support on your journey. And if you experience contrast, remember it is only so that you may honestly look at what feels "wrong" and is upsetting and love yourself to the very core of your upset until it dissolves. This makes it that much easier to recognize what you truly value at your core, and also opens you to value yourself as you come to recognize the magnificence of your entire being.

The card drawn to kick off Scorpio Season is from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade Sky and encourages you to dive deep into block clearing this Scorpio Season. Scorpio is a water sign and can be likened to the depths of the ocean, this card also reminds you that as you find clarity within, you will communicate more clearly and feel more at ease in the area of your Throat Chakra.

Know that any blocks in communication that you are experiencing, as well as full expression of yourself, including applying your creativity and sharing it, can be cleared with perseverance and loving yourself fully. Whether communication issues are showing up between you and your Twin Flame or anywhere else, you can use the Mirror Exercise as you become aware of anything that is upsetting you and not in alignment with you experiencing peace.

It's also important to remember that upheaval comes as a result of clearing blocks, this means the bad feelings are on their way out. Scorpio Season and the upcoming Blood Moon in Taurus are a time of some great upheaval, so just allow it to pass. Remember to allow bad feelings to fully leave after you have cleared them by not attaching yourself to your old patterns that will otherwise naturally fall away and dissolve.

One way to tell if you are experiencing an upset or if it's just upheaval is if you feel a trigger or a charge to the bad feeling. If you can easily complete the first 2 steps of the Mirror Exercise, it's a good indication that you should continue with steps 3 & 4. Otherwise, allow your energetic body to naturally detox and say bu-bye to the negativity/fear/illusion/separation that you have compassionately decided to release completely from your reality by fully loving yourself. Every upset that you clear is truly an accomplishment and a golden gift to your Union.

Lastly, this is a good time to remember that attack isn't real. It's no accident that Halloween falls during Scorpio Season, it's a great time to get past the illusion on a whole new level, and sometimes some humor, fun, and creativity helps you get clear on exactly what is real and love-based and what is not. There's no need to be any more or less serious than a situation calls for, instead, focus on simply being yourself and let that be enough for you and for your Twin Flame.

Order your reading here. Happy Scorpio and Eclipse Season ❤️‍🔥!

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