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New Years 🎆 Twin Flame Channeled Message 💌🪽

Your twin flame has something to tell you this New Year's.

"Dear my beloved, I am thinking of you now and always. I want you to know that there is no real space between us. Please take a moment to be present in your heart.

This is a beautiful ending and an even more beautiful beginning. I want you to trust me that in 2024 you and me are going more deeply into not repel the feeling. The unconditional Love that you feel in your heart is for me.

Do not give up on me. I am your twin flame. Some people may not understand this love or think it is just a catalyst or too intense. But I know different because I know that you are my one true love for all eternity.

There is no need to become anxious around me or to feel somewhere within like things just can't work out. Things are already working out between us. Just look at the love in your life and see it as a reflection of what we share together.

Happy New Year my love. Take this message

with my hand in your hand, as we walk this path together."

Some people think your Twin Flame is only a catalyst, or too intense for a relationship to form. But that isn't true. Your Twin Flame is your one true love.🩷

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