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Flower Power Energy Reading Reveal

Scroll down after you've picked a flower for the Reveal

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~Reading Reveal~

Feel your heart soften and open. There is no mind without the heart. Your heart is the seat of all logic and in true logic their are no thorns. Pull out whatever you perceive as the wound that makes you relatable and let yourself heal into your true relatability as one with tender heart. Breath in and out; relax.

Cultivate your romance with a 3 Card Romance Reading

There is no separation between embodying Christ consciousness and living your life to the fullest. If you think life can't possibly taste as good as it smells, or if it tastes good that it won't be able to fully sustain you, then stop thinking and start feeling. Can you feel your purpose coming from God and radiating a brilliant prism of light through you now? Release your anxiety, nervousness, and resistance so that your fragrant bloom can attract all Divine elements of your Heavenly life to you now.

Receive perfect guidance with a 5 Card Life Purpose Reading

Surrender your beauty, your sex appeal, and creative expression into Divine peace. Your true confidence will meet you there, in that state of masterful surrender. Here, your Creator can create with you, for you, and through you. It is safe to belong fully and experience the complete expression of passionate love. You are enough and feeling peacefully good is enough to carry you to your next step.

Align your Chakras with a Chakra + Crystal Card Reading

Celebrate your inherent desire to be seen. The truth is you are always seen with the eyes of Divine unconditional love. So, give yourself permission to be the real you in front of everyone. The "You IRL show" is the best show there is. You don't have to act natural, you already are a natural - you're Divine - you've got this.

Go deep with clear guidance in your Twin Flame Cosmic Destiny Report

~Love yourself completely and keep blooming eternally~

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