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Passionate Aries Full Moon! Weekly Twin Flames Love Reading October 2nd 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"Yes," said Erksine, "This was Cyril Graham's theory, evolved as you see purely from the Sonnets themselves, and depending for its acceptance not so much on demonstrable proof or formal evidence, but on a kind of spiritual and artistic sense, by which alone he claimed could the true meaning of the poems be discerned. I remember his reading to me that fine sonnet--

How can my Muse want subject to invent,

While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse

Thine own sweet argument, too excellent

For every vulgar paper to rehearse?

O give thyself the thanks, if aught in me

Worthy perusal stand against thy sight;

For who's so dumb that cannot write to thee,

When thou thyself dost give invention light?

--and pointing out how completely it corroborated his view; and indeed he went through all the Sonnets carefully, and showed, or fancied that he showed, that according to his new explanation of their meaning, things that had seemed obscure, or evil, or exaggerated, became clear and rational, and of high artistic import, illustrating Shakespeare's conception of the true relations between the art of the actor and the art of the dramatist."

~Oscar Wilde, The Portrait of Mr. W. H.

When we put too much energy into a specific outcome, we forget about the details of the journey and the infinite intelligence right in front of us. With the Pisces Moon in the beginning of the week moving into the kinetically passionate Full Moon in Aries, emotional dives that we take might find us ignited in new places. This is great, but also be privy to the possibility of burn out. By the end of the week we might feel like things are taking a new turn around an unseen corner, where we are encouraged to take it easy in those areas of our lives we've been pushing it as of late. It's all good to put your energy where it counts, but also be open to whatever color and form the blossom takes as it opens within. It might feel like there are a lot of possibilities right now in the direction your life is headed, don't try to wrap your mind around the possibilities, instead love the passion within the force that moves you in the direction of your desires. You will always arrive in perfectly harmonized timing with your Twin Flame.

With Mars and Venus conjoined in Virgo, we are being called to a new level of awareness of what Twin Flames are and how you manifest together as one. Your Twin Flame always mirrors you perfectly and you both gain from the fruit of the healed upset. So in a way, one upset equals double gain: God must really love us to give us deals like that! Seriously though, your Twin Flame and you are always making core choices together that affect the unique frequency you both share. The Divine is always right there with you on your special radio channel, but other than that it is just you and your perfectly matched romantic partner (and if you have another Twin Flame in your union, then them too). Venus represents the Divine Feminine, and Mars the Divine Masculine, they are lovers in the sky and when they join together in Virgo there is an increased opportunity to easily see the pureness in the light filled love that Twin Flames share together in Harmonious Union; The high priest and priestess signify the wisdom within that we always have divine access to.

Toward the end of the week, the moon moves into Taurus, the perfect reminder we need to slow down and enjoy the good things in life. Food, sexual pleasure (without leaking your energy), cuddling with animals, gardening, whatever sensual pleasures delight you can be very healing right now after a very amped up, hot lava-filled peak in the middle of the week. When you truly enjoy and feel the pleasure of your own life, your Twin Flame picks up on it and is highly magnetized to you. What is cool about this is noticing how both ways of being -- amped up and slowed down -- serve you perfectly in stepping further into your life purpose work. There is a natural ebb and flow that the Libra sun helps us to attune to on a more conscious level this week.

This is also a great time to consider the various ways that you love your Twin Flame, not just as a romantic lover, but as two youths, a mother and child, best friend, etc. The love between you and them is truly one love and reflects the love you share with your creator. This is a very healing time to open up the collective consciousness to union love and expose the shaky foundations of traditional relationships that depend on upholding the illusion of ego. Logic naturally occurs and becomes apparent where love is found.

With Venus squaring Saturn on Sunday along with Neptune and Uranus in aspects, the end of the week and weekend can gently guide us into deeper spiritual awakening by showing us to our own inner chambers of deep and blissful peace where we need not look for our Twin Flame, but just be present and relax; when we let go of seeking we are easily found in eternal love.

My Twin Flame Oracle Card & Astrology video below provides further details and insight into this week's reading ~ Enjoy:

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