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Commissioned Design & Artwork

Commissioned Design & Artwork

Please contact me with your proposed commissioned painting, drawing, graphic design, or digital art.  I can set up a brief free consultation with you about your commissioned artwork.  If you check out with this item in your cart, I will contact you within 48 hours about the commission.  I look forward to creating your divine art to eternally inspire you or a loved one.

  • Terms & Conditions

    No Refunds or Exchanges are available.  All sales of original artwork are final.

  • In-person / travel fees or shipping and handling

    Please note that in-person / travel fees or any shipping and handling fees will be invoiced separately through my business PayPal account: Aldyn Elizabeth.

    Fees are assessed depending on distance and other details pertaining to in-person arrival. Email if you have any questions or need a fee quote for in-person/travel and/or shipping and handling for Psychic Art/Products. No additional fees are needed for online groups and events or digitalized copies of art.

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