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#26 ▪︎ 1-Hour Twin Flame Psychic Reading

#26 ▪︎ 1-Hour Twin Flame Psychic Reading

This is a One Hour Psychic Reading. Please be aware of the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page. It is am absolute pleasure to serve you on your journey 💜

Zoom link will be sent to you once we schedule a time to meet.

This is perfect for you if you would like to book a reading with me over Zoom or phone . You can simply book the reading, and let Spirit guide your session, or you can submit anything specific you want guidance on, as well as if you have a preference for astrology, oracle/tarot, numerology, chakra balancing, etc.


I will email you to schedule your session within 24 hours of purchase. I serve all time zones. You will receive an email with a Zoom link once scheduled.

If you are hoping to book right away, message me through my chat system or contact form to see when my next availability for your session is. I look forward to working with you!


As a Twin Flame Certified Ascension Coach, I can help you with:

*Love & Abundance

*Creativity & Manifestation

*Life Purpose/Career

*Twin Flame Union


*Family and Friends

*Difficult situations/challenges

*The Law of Attraction

*The Mirror Exercise

*And more ...


In my practice I am:





*Guiding you toward your highest good


I can incorporate:



*Oracle Cards

*Angel Cards

*Crystals/Crystal Cards

*Flower & Plant Energy/Essences

*Chakra Balancing


*Signs & Synchronicities

*Dream Interpretation/Guidance

*Twin Flame Guidance

*And more ...


I will not:

*Confirm Twin Flames (this is a revealing process, I can guide you to your Twin Flame, but not confirm who it is/is not)

*Try to give you answers that I do not actually know

*Attempt to ever scare, manipulate, or control you

*Or do anything else that I consider not to be in my highest integrity


I look forward to supporting your vibrational upgrades and ascension.

Please see the Terms and Conditions Policies below before purchasing products and services.

  • In-person / travel fees or shipping and handling

    Please note that in-person / travel fees or any shipping and handling fees will be invoiced separately through my business PayPal account: Aldyn Elizabeth.

    Fees are assessed depending on distance and other details pertaining to in-person arrival. Email if you have any questions or need a fee quote for in-person/travel and/or shipping and handling for Psychic Art/Products. No additional fees are needed for online groups and events or digitalized copies of Art.

$160.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price
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