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∞ Your TWIN FLAME Astrology ∞ Pick A Card Reading🔮 → Venus + Mars Enter Aquarius reveals love ♒ 💞

☆ Pick a Card for what Venus and Mars moving into Aquarius reveals about the love, purpose, and passion of your Twin Flame Union at this time ☆

Venus in Aquarius, if I can sum it up in one word is about freedom. There is a theme about the love of freedom, not only for yourself but also a question in the collective consciousness: How can I ensure the freedom of those that I love?

You don't need to know someone personally to love them, especially with both Mars and Venus in the sign of the Water Bearer. This Air sign (its symbol is about water, but it is an Air Element) is about universal ways of being and thinking that simultaneously are freeing and fall into appropriate divine structure. In order to achieve this end, you may need to go to some very shady places in your consciousness, don't worry because the Mirror Exercise will give you the confidence to go there and work through whatever arises.

This can lead to powerful collective healing, just you choosing to heal these places within yourself, and the world really needs this at this time, so you are truly doing everyone a favor by choosing to clear the separation between you and your Twin Flame and Life Purpose within.

Venus and Mars are often seen as embodying Divine Feminine energy and Divine Masculine energy respectively. With both of them in Aquarius, there's a nice balance of passion for both your love life and your purpose, I think you'll find if you go exploring within that you'll be able to connect with some hidden treasures that will inevitably lead you to attract miracles in your life if you do not discard what you find vibrationally.

This is a time to step more deeply and courageously into the truth of who you really are and remember that your Twin Flame always meets you energetically with your choice to move forward on your ascension path.

Here is the info for the reading with your choices and timestamps:

Intro: 0:00

1. Purple Flower ▪︎Chakra Reading Cards Oracle▪︎ 7:53

2. Peacock Feather ▪︎Eternal Crystals Oracle▪︎ 23:02

3. Rose Quartz ▪︎Nature's Whispers Oracle▪︎ 39:07

♀Venus is in ♒️ until April 5th and ♂Mars is in ♒️ until April 14th. See what is revealed for you and your Twin Flame journey ✨️

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