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Lion's Gate Portal 💫 Twin Flame Angel Decrees and Activation Guide

As we journey through the celestial currents, we find ourselves on the threshold of a potent spiritual event: the Lion's Gate Portal. This cosmic alignment, born when the sun in its ruling sign of Leo aligns harmoniously with Sirius - our Spiritual Sun, delivers a peak of creative power, courage, and regal strength. It mirrors the awe-inspiring majesty of the lion. For Twin Flames, this portal brings about an escalation of spiritual connection, a quickening of manifestation, and an illuminated alignment with your Divine Life Purpose.

Twin Flame Meditation

The Lion's Gate Portal is a beacon to Twin Flames, beckoning them towards an enhanced meditative connection. Sit in a peaceful space, close your eyes, and imagine a radiant golden sphere encircling both you and your Twin Flame. This sphere, charged with the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal, amplifies your Twin Flame connection and uplifts your collective vibration.

Allow yourself to be enveloped by this sphere of golden energy, its power permeating your being and fortifying the shared heart space between you and your Twin Flame. Allocate at least 15 minutes to this visualization - a sacred interlude to appreciate the fine nuances of your united energies and a chance to deepen your mutual sense of destiny.

Journaling, Art, and Setting Intentions

The spirited energy of Leo, coursing through the Lion's Gate Portal, beckons Twin Flames to express and define their shared intentions. This season is an energetic whirlwind favoring creativity and personal expression, both of which are key to journaling, making art, and setting intentions.

When you journal, your words become the physical representation of your shared dreams, healing journeys, and individual and shared evolution. It's a testament to your Twin Flame Union. Should you be drawn more towards visual expression, art, steeped in your intentions, can serve as a powerful conduit. The lively interplay of colors, textures, and forms resonates with the dynamic Leo energy, adding layers of creativity, romance, and visual beauty to your Union.

Working with Energized Items

The Lion's Gate Portal presents a favorable moment to work with objects imbued with specific energies. Crystals such as rose quartz, which emits a loving energy, clear quartz, known for its amplifying properties, and citrine, symbolizing prosperity and abundance, can be powerful companions during this period. Infuse these crystals with your Twin Flame intentions, transforming them into physical reminders of your shared aspirations.

Affirmations and Angelic Decrees from Archangel Michael

The powerful energies of the Lion's Gate Portal invite you to affirm your Twin Flame connection and intentions. Here are some affirmations that you can use:

1. "I am infinitely connected with my Twin Flame, guided by divine love."

2. "I mirror my Twin Flame's light and love."

3. "I am a co-creator with my Twin Flame, building a shared destiny."

In addition, here are two Angelic Decrees to recite:

1. "By the Divine Decree of Love, I manifest my Twin Flame Union in its highest form."

2. "By the Angelic Decree of Unity, I deepen my spiritual connection, igniting the infinite love within us."

The Lion's Gate Portal and Beyond

As we approach the Lion's Gate Portal, remember that this celestial occurrence invites you to experience profound love and steadfast strength within your Twin Flame Union. It's a cosmic crescendo of abundance, confidence, and alignment with your higher selves and Divine Life Purpose.

Harness the energies of this period with the Mirror Exercise, a transformative tool for illuminating tension and fostering understanding within your Twin Flame Union. Regular Ascension Coaching sessions, ideally once per week, continue the healing and growth process, maintaining the momentum gathered from this potent portal.

To further intensify this transformational experience, I warmly invite you to join us for the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Activation Workshop, click here for details. This live event, happening at 4pm PT on August 8th, will supercharge your Twin Flame attraction and abundance, catalyzing your Divine Life Purpose manifestation.

As we conclude this exploration of the Lion's Gate Portal, I leave you with this empowering truth: The celestial bodies may amplify our energies, but the power to harness this energy resides within you. You are the alchemist, the creator of your experiences. Use this time to fortify your Twin Flame connection, to courageously pursue your Divine Life Purpose, and to manifest an abundance that mirrors your worth.

In Unity and Transformation,


The Twin Flame Psychic

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