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Twin Flame Energy Healing Digital Collage - A Visual Healing 

My success on my spiritual path, which I have been passionate about since childhood, have lead me to cultivating lasting peace and living my true purpose. 


There was a time when parts of my life felt like a neverending struggle, and I thought that was normal.  I thought that maybe it would always feel that way, but one day I realized there must be something more.  And there is, I discovered a way to magnetize the desires in my heart into my reality.  It's not complicated, but it did require my willingness to heal.  I'm inspired every day by my own healing to share my gifts and serve Twin Flames in uniting together in peace, love, and harmony.


As a Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe, utilizing the work of my spiritual teachers, Jeff & Shaleia, I provide my clients with clear support and guidance along the Twin Flame Ascension Path.  Through coaching, readings, intuitively channeled artwork, and sharing my experience, I am here to assist you in creating your Heaven on Earth with your one true love.

-Aldyn Richmond also holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley in Studio Art, Clinical Herbalist Certification and Mentorship in Pulse Diagnosis & Medical Astrology from The Berkeley Herbal Center, Yoga Teacher Training 1 from Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, and Art Teacher Training from SFSU.

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Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is worth it. Claim your support and experience your ultimate lover with you always.
It can be easy to attract your one true love into your life permanently.  I can help you.


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