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Twin Flame Ascension
Workshop & 48-Hour Offer

Below you'll find details on an exclusive Twin Flame Ascension offer and the workshop recording.

The link to this page is only visible to those who registered for the Twin Flame Ascension Workshop on 2/4.  Thank you for registering and attending live and "in spirit." It was a beautiful high-vibe workshop! 

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About the Package

Act now because this offer is available ONLY to my live and "there in spirit" Twin Flame Ascension Workshop Attendees.  The link to this page is exclusively available to you for registering for the workshop.  As a way to say thank you and celebrate that you have taken this next step on your Twin Flame journey, you'll receive:


-4 weeks of 1-Hour Group Coaching that will be recorded if you cannot attend live, at 7 pm PT on Thursdays (Dates: 2/11, 2/18, 2/25, and 3/4.  In group coaching, you'll have the opportunity to receive support working through the Mirror Exercise, with your Twin Flame journey, and Life Purpose.  There will also be time for answering questions, a card reading for guidance, and a short meditation.  You can be a passive participant, or more active, you can also watch the recording if you cannot attend live and receive the same healing benefits and obstacle-clearing as the live participants on your Twin Flame Ascension journey.


-A 30-Minute Session with me.  This can be a coaching and/or reading session.  This will greatly enhance your support in clearing obstacles on your Twin Flame journey and give you an understanding of what it's like to work with me as your coach.  30-Minute reading sessions are usually $77 and Discovery Sessions are $50, to give you an idea of the value you're receiving from this package.


-A card reading for your current energy on your Twin Flame and Life Purpose Ascension path.  One card is for purpose, the other is for your healing your Twin Flame Union.  This will be sent in an email with a short description to help support and guide you.


-Access to previous Workshops.  I have a secret page with workshops related to your Twin Flame journey, Astrology, meditation, and more that you will be given full access to.


All of this support, guidance, and healing is yours for only $222, I think it's going to truly serve you if you decide to take this next step.  This offer will only be available for the next 48 hours, so do yourself a favor and act now on it. 


Alternatively, if you're ready to enroll in Twin Flame Ascension School All Class Pass or the Everything Package, I'm offering this in addition to the complimentary coaching I already do with these packages for free (meaning you don't need to purchase it here if you enroll in Twin Flame Ascension School or with the Everything Package in the next 48 hours).


Get in touch with me here in the chatbox or message me on WhatsApp or Facebook if you need help deciding. 


If you are ready to sign up for this package on its own, then go ahead, it's a great option and you'll feel so much peace and relief in having support in this next step of your Twin Flame ascension path laid out for you.


If you enjoyed the workshop, consider the good karma you'll receive from taking a minute to leave me a recommendation on my Facebook page here.


Again, thank you for attending the workshop.  You can order or schedule further services with me on my readings or coaching page.  You can also read the latest Energy Forecast for more insight.


Much Love,


The Full Workshop Recording:

Enjoy the workshop!



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