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#26 ▪︎ Twin Flame Energy Healing Digital Collage:Crystal+Chakra+Nature

#26 ▪︎ Twin Flame Energy Healing Digital Collage:Crystal+Chakra+Nature

  • Twin Flame Energy Healing Reading that you can put anywhere.


You'll receive energy healing benefits from it every time you look at it, and it will help you deepen the harmony of your Twin Flame Union, Life Purpose, related blocks to love and abundance, and your overall Ascension.


Clients have told me that keeping Healing Images they've ordered from me has helped manifest more harmony between them and their Twin Flame, more abundance, and other wonderful spiritual achievements that I'm always delighted to hear about.


If you'd like to amplify the healing benefits, you can meditate on it, chant or do tonal healing with it in your space, include it on any vision boards you have, and utilize it any other way that the divine directs you to.


What you'll receive: A High-Resolution Digital Collage as both a .png and a .pdf file.  It will be square-shaped (1:1) unless you request a specific ratio.  It will include elements of:


  • One channeled Chakra for you to focus on through Chakra Symbols and other related visual material.  (You can request a specific Chakra to focus on if you prefer.)
  • One channeled crystal/mineral for you to focus on through healing images that include the crystal. (You can request a specific Crystal to focus on, as long as I am able to procure an image of your choice, if you prefer.)
  • One or more channeled natural elements such as plants/landscapes to provide additional vibrational depth to your healing image.  (You can request a specific natural element, as long as I am able to procure an image of your choice, if you prefer.)
  • You have the option to add on a Channeled Healing Decree, angelically downloaded from Archangel Michael.  If you opt-in for the Angelic Decree, you'll receive two versions of your Energy Healing Collage, one with the text of the Decree, and one of the images without the Decree.


Please contact me or message me in the chatbox if you have any questions. The healing begins as soon as you claim your Twin Flame Energy Healing Digital Collage Download.  Please read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page and note that this is considered an Art Reading and may take longer than other reading reports to receive, due to the creative and spiritual energy required to complete this Healing for you.

  • In-person / travel fees or shipping and handling

    Please note that in-person / travel fees or any shipping and handling fees will be invoiced separately through my business PayPal account: Aldyn Elizabeth.

    Fees are assessed depending on distance and other details pertaining to in-person arrival. Email if you have any questions or need a fee quote for in-person/travel and/or shipping and handling for Psychic Art/Products. No additional fees are needed for online groups and events or digitalized copies of art.

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