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Your Twin Flame Union & The Pisces Full Moon Reading September 1st, 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

September is about to begin and if you look up in the sky, well depending on what time it is as you read this, you'll see the bright and shiny face of the beautiful Full Moon. Anyone can enjoy the bright and opening nature of the Full Moon, you don't have to graduate Hogwarts to enjoy the basic cycles of the moon!

You may notice that you feel more energized during the Full Moon, the feeling of being in bloom, whereas a New Moon, you may be very inwardly focused, like a seed in the darkness of the soil. This Full Moon is in Pisces, so it's a great time to feel the power of doing your inner work because inner work requires you to access your feelings and to also pay attention to your emotions. You may notice that your emotions feel like they really come alive during this time, and you can find deeper harmony where logic and feelings meet in your heart space if you are willing to be emotionally honest with yourself.

This also means not overemphasizing the feelings and emotions yet to be resolved or pretending you feel good in areas of your life where you don't. The more clarity you choose to feel and see within, the more balance you can bring to your overall well-being. You don't need to hold on to your sob story, it's pretty much definitely holding you back. Release control, claim your support, and remember to do the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia. Check out my last blog post for more on that. Also, remember to go back to the basics of the Law of Attraction, this is a good way to easily incorporate self-discipline into your inner reality and dissolve lack from your consciousness.

For instance, if you are on inner-voice repeat of anything like "I need..." "I wish..." or anything similar to that, you're probably meeting the universe with lack in your vibration. It's ok to recognize when you need something, but remember to look at what you do have and truly claim what is meant for you more deeply. Sometimes, this requires you to first go through the not-so-nice feeling, so that you can love yourself there with the Mirror Exercise. So, don't be ashamed of what you've had on repeat in your mind, but do choose to bring healing awareness to any place in your consciousness that is revealed to be scrooging you. You are not Scrooge, no matter what you've been through, there is no reason you can't be happy and have what you desire. So, do the inner work, claim your support - coaching is a great first step and really shows the universe you are all-in and know that committing to your Twin Flame Union is enough. Commitments also require guided action, so don't be afraid to take that next step, you'll never know what's on the other side of the open door until you decide to walk through it.

The card I drew for your Twin Flame Union and the Full Moon in Pisces is from Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky. Soak in the healing energy of the message of Carnelian, allow yourself to ground, get creative, and most importantly to cultivate true confidence. The more you learn to trust the divine and yourself, the more confidence you feel - this is highly attractive to your Twin Flame, as well as magnetizing more opportunities in other areas of your life to you, like your true life purpose. Ground into the true nature of your Soul Design, and gift yourself a reading if you're desiring more clarity about your Union and life purpose.

Also, choose to connect with others from a grounded and confident place within. Accessing your emotions is not a sign of weakness, but one of strength. Those around you can sense when you are in touch with your true self and will be more likely to connect in genuine ways with you. A win-win for all, and cultivating loving and healthy connections with others in your life is also meaningful to your Twin Flame Union. Your Twin Flame and you are meant to share your gifts with the world, and you can start now, just by sharing yourself and connecting with friends, family, coworkers, clients, etc. in ways that are genuine. When you shine your light, you only encourage others to shine their light as well.

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