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Your Twin Flame Union & Mercury Retrograde: Astrology and Energy Reading

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The last Retrograde cycle for Mercury begins October 13th in Scorpio and it can give you important insights into your Twin Flame & spiritual journey. It's time to get to the core of the truth and appreciate yourself for where honesty has naturally fallen into place, both in your Twin Flame Union, and in your life in general. This is a great time to get clear on underlying motivations, especially within yourself, because anything that is happening "out there" is always reflecting back to you what's going on within you and encouraging you to your next level peace and ascension.

Today's cards include #5: Challenge from John Holland's Psychic Tarot for the Heart and #48 Hope & Happiness from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield. They show that as you choose to disband ego thought from your consciousness, by also calling it out in your life and relationships, that you will naturally be investing in your "bank" of hope and happiness, which is really your foundation of peace from which you can have a sustainable Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame.

Calling out ego doesn't always look all dramatic, and in fact, it usually doesn't need to. You can choose to peacefully be guided to what is to remain, grow, and flourish in your life, and what it is time to allow your energy to be completely freed and cleared from. You do not need to control your energy in order to do this, you can allow Source to move through you and direct you, as you take both an active and passive role in this process.

However, even in an active state, you are still always working with a higher power, and remembering this may help you to tap into the confidence required to fully overcome whatever challenges you face during the next 3 weeks. In fact, you don't need to look at challenges as ominous or scary, they are not. It's truly just guiding you to where you can love yourself and refine your vibration, grounding even more of your expansive being into its natural state of peace. You always meet your Twin Flame in peace, peace is not a lonely feeling, it is actually everything you ever desired and incredibly vibrant. Accessing these places and choosing peace within you will naturally help you to explore just how peace feels to you, which of course may change and feel different depending on your experience in each moment, yet it remains completely stable at your core, at the same time, because it is eternal.

It may help you to journal, draw, or otherwise express and visualize what it's like to fully experience these places within at this time. Scorpio likes to go deep, and with Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, it's helpful to focus on pathways of communicating with yourself and intimately experiencing yourself and your union with Source. In this experience, you will naturally find your Twin Flame meeting you there, so this is also a very helpful thing to do to magnetize your Twin Flame more closely to you, as well as everything else that is in alignment with your union including your divine inheritance and natural state of abundance, and your true' heart's calling for living your life purpose.

So don't be afraid to get more creative at this time and to explore even more deeply how you are feeling and experiencing the world. You may ask yourself as you journal, draw, paint, or play music (or another creative activity that fills you with joy): What does peace feel like to me right now? You can also affirm "I choose to express and share peace through my creative activity today" or write down your own affirmation to help guide you in your creative pursuits.

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