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Your Twin Flame Union Energy Reading for the Virgo New Moon September 17th, 2020

The New Moon in Virgo is a great time to consider new beginnings in how you desire to treat your body, inner-child, and also your living space. Setting the intention from a loving place to make new choices about how to best support these aspects of yourself and your life in an orderly and abundant way is going to help you harmonize on new levels with your Twin Flame. This is because you are making the choice to love yourself even more deeply. Also, actively let the divine into this inner space with you, the energy and direction that is required for these new choices do not come from you, it comes from Source and flows through you.

Right now is a good time to pay attention to how you are balancing inner and outer communication, with Mercury in Libra. You may enjoy a balance between seeking out knowledge for your personal interests, as well as your life purpose and Twin Flame journey. See what you are being called to read, watch, listen to, or otherwise pay attention to at this time and what hints you are given about how it applies to the foundation of your Twin Flame Union and Soul Design. This is also a good way to support yourself in calling in clarification and structured solutions to something you've been working towards. Don't resist the next step when it is presented, you are worthy of a complete resolution and bringing peace to this particular piece of your journey that you have been working diligently toward.

With Black Moon Lilith and Mars Retrograde in Aries being inconjunct to the Sun and Moon in Virgo, there is power in moving past your anger and emotionally maturing in a place that within that may have been challenging to you for a long time. To best utilize this aspect, make sure to practice the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia, when you are upset, and to also give yourself space for upheaval afterward. Upheaval is whatever was not serving you exiting the building of your consciousness, now that you've brought loving attention there. On the way out, it can feel uncomfortable if you try to hold on to the old pattern, so don't. Let it leave and practice self-care, do something nice for yourself, and know that what is on the other side of the bad feelings/programming leaving is definitely deeper peace and well worth it for yourself and your Union.

The card for this reading is from Eternal Crystals Oracle Deck by Jade-Sky, and interestingly it's Moonstone for the energy of this New Moon. The message here is to pay attention to cycles as a means of clearing patterns that no longer serve you, cycles are a part of order and structure and can help you move through whatever you need to overcome to realize your Perfect Union with the Divine, yourself, and your True Twin Flame. Just take it one step at a time and be open to more loving guidance and support coming your way. The universe supports you in harmonizing your Union permanently.

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Happy New Moon 💜

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