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🔥Your Twin Flame Union: Creative Expression & The Law Of Attraction

As an artistic person who spends a lot of time visualizing energy, I find it enlightening to see how Twin Flames share the same blueprint in a way that can be channeled and translated visually. When you express yourself from this place, where your true purpose and soul essence lives, it's magnetic to attracting your desires into your life, including your Twin Flame.

When you choose to get clear on how you like to express yourself creatively, which naturally changes, evolves, and expands, you are also embracing who you are at your core and in some form sharing your vulnerable, yet powerful self with the world. Even if you share in just a seemingly small way, you are still sharing your gift with the greater consciousness.

Drawing, painting, and even creating music can also be forms of a visual love list. A love list is a list of core values and desires that you have either about your True Twin Flame, or anything else you would like to write a love list for, for instance, you can write a love list for your ideal business. Even if it's a completely abstract drawing, if you put within it the intention to express how you feel about something particular, you're translating something from deep within your core out into the world and that is something that the universe recognizes as no small gesture.

Words have a great deal of power behind them and have been refined over time as a great tool that's obviously necessary for a lot of what we consider communication. However, what often gets overlooked is the power and meaning of communicating what is within in other ways. What about textures, colors, patterns, and even specific sounds or vibrations? The list goes on, but when it comes to creative expression, the possibilities of what you can co-create with the divine are infinite and expansive. Don't let this expansive quality intimidate you from putting your pencil to paper, or another medium of your choice, though. You always have to start somewhere and one of the best ways to get creatively blocked is through either perfectionism or, similarly, thinking you need to make some grand gesture when you finally do go and sit down to paint because you don't want to face the outcome and be disappointed in yourself.

I received an email newsletter today from a well known and successful entrepreneur on failure. The message conveyed how important it is to be open to, and even welcome failure as a part of your process in succeeding. Another way of putting this, something that is well conveyed in Life Purpose Class with Jeff & Shaleia, is that when you set out to do something that is true in your heart, you may succeed in a way that you didn't expect. So, instead of failing, when you move toward your desires and what feels good, you are actually just bound to succeed if you keep going. Failure isn't truly real, unless you buy into it. And, perhaps you flunked something in school and it had an impact, but grades are not something that need to define you for the rest of your life, whether good or bad.

This isn't to say that you won't create a beautiful masterpiece the first time around, but what if you make a blob, it feels good, and then you clear a block in communication between you and your Twin Flame, you receive an unexpected check in the mail? Wouldn't it be worth it to have made the blob then? It's not that you'll necessarily "get" something for creating your art, but that it exposes you at your core, it clears a path to the truth of who you are, so that what is seeking you (love, abundance, all of the good things) has an easier time finding where you truly live and delivering. This is nothing complicated, it's just the basic Law of Attraction and it's about accessing something within you that you are able to translate into the physical world. This can also be a helpful way to compliment the Mirror Exercise and really love and value yourself and your unique visions and imagination.

Ascension Coaching is a great way to clear blocks to your creativity, in addition to directly aligning you to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. All coaching and packages of sessions are on sale at the current rate through October 10th at 11:59 pm PDT. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive Channeled Readings, updates, and more.

Below is my latest Intuitive Channeled Artwork, depicting a client's Harmonious Union. You can order your own channeled artwork, which is also on sale for a limited time ( you do not need to be in Harmonious Union in order for me to channel and create your artwork). I hope this inspires you to get creative today:

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