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🌹 Venus, Mercury, Mars, & Twin Flame Communication Tarot Reading 🔮

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

There's a shift into grounding energy on your Twin Flame journey as two personal planets, Mercury and Venus, enter new signs. Venus has entered Capricorn and encourages you to assess relationships in a practical and objective way. This will help you ground into your feelings and become aware of parts of your life experience that are ready to be reintegrated into your daily routines and experiences. Life feels rich when you invite your whole self to live and enjoy it.

Mercury, the planet associated with communication has entered Aquarius, which is also traditionally ruled by grounding Saturn. This takes a lot of the pressure off of sharing your authentic self in a way that can be universally understood. Even if you don't attract a ton of attention with your unique vision, it's still worth sharing what you feel called to and trusting that whoever is meant to see and hear what you have to say will feel it resonate. On the flip side, you're invited to hone your listening skills, create even more space in your heart and mind to hear people's stories, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the resonance of another's story within you. On some level, your Twin Flame is acutely aware of not only how you are choosing to connect with them, but how you are choosing to cultivate healthy relationships in your everyday life.

Communication, both giving and receiving, is a core aspect of most any relationship and it's worth it to clear out the clutter of your consciousness and find the beauty in authentic connection with everyone God brings your way. Sometimes that looks like finding love within through a boundary, and that is also a form of communication. It's time to go beyond exploring and claim the clarity you have found by bringing it to the light and showing up for yourself.

This past week, Mars, another personal planet relating to your passions, actions, sex, and overall physical energy moved from it's home sign, firey Aries to the steady and building earthly bull, Taurus. If you find yourself working through anger, look for places that are stubborn within as to where to direct self-love and utilize the Mirror Exercise. Compassion doesn't mean putting someone else's needs or feelings before your own, but it does often mean taking a step back so that you may see through God's eyes. It's not your job to control every aspect of a situation, including the unfolding of your Union. If you trust that there is true power in your choice to heal what is being presented to you, you'll feel relief in doing just that.

You can get the most out this 2 month period by applying stability that builds to all that you do. Although this may manifest as physically building something, this speaks to where the spiritual meets the physical. So, it could be a good time for a more regular yoga routine, being more mindful while preparing your food, or anything else that balances your inner and outer sense of presence. It's a time to realize how you can utilize pleasure to maximize your spiritual investments. Pleasure meaning something that comes from a divine desire, not a form of numbing out. An example of this could be spending more time chilling watching shows or listening to music, while also setting the intention to create with the energy that you receive from giving yourself the space to fully enjoy. Don't be afraid to work, but remember that you work for peace and joy, and it's safe to fully embrace all of the abundance and support that you desire and not veer away from your dreams.

Love yourself through sensory experiences and it will also help you take into account what you would like to see change inwardly and in your environment to better suit your needs in living your purpose and in romancing yourself through all that you do. Choosing romance in all areas of your life and taking initiative in that regard is magnetic to your Twin Flame.

The card pulled for this current energetic shift is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland. It's an uplifting message that encourages you to just keep on walking toward the light. Trust the love in your heart, and don't be afraid to go deeper, to find another layer of balance. In grounding you also soar to new heights in a way that feels safe and everlasting, rather than temporary.

There's a sparkly glow to this card and the same can be said for what you are working on in your own life. In choosing what fills you up inside with peace and passion, you are already there. Sometimes you might get caught up in how much longer it will take to achieve your dreams, but are you taking the space to also feel into the richness of what is yours already? In feeling it, you can also invite Source to be intimately with you in this space, and sharing your whole self with the divine will only lead to more of what you desire, more love and abundance in your life as well as your shared reality with your Twin Flame.

Spread your wings and soar into 2021 with a Reading Session and Report. These can take you deep into what you need to know in order to maximize your personal potential in achieving your desires this year. You can also claim your Moon Reading Subscription for deep personal insight into your Union and life purpose at every Full & New Moon. You are always worth the work required to realize the dreams in your heart.

A final tip, start setting your intentions for this year and get really clear on them between January 12 and 13th's New Moon in Capricorn. This is some serious boss energy and it's safe to accept that you do have the power to choose love and prosperity in all facets of your reality and get clear on what that looks and feels like to you at this time. Go for it! 🌹

Watch my latest DM & DF Twin Flame Reading for more on the latest energy forecast:

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