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Venus Enters Scorpio: Twin Flame Astrology Update

Venus has been in Libra for the last few weeks and is now entering Scorpio, at about the same time Sagittarius Season begins. While the focus was on balance and harmony in matters of the heart, and also aesthetics, sweets, and other qualities associated with Venus, it's now time for exploring deeper intimacy and sexual energy within yourself and your Twin Flame Union.

Although Scorpio Season has just ended, the healing you've done regarding your deeper emotions, and feeling safe "going there" can now be applied more specifically to intimacy and as that relates to sexuality with your Twin Flame. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is all about passion, action, and sexual energy. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and it's out there where the Sun doesn't shine much. It's about death, rebirth, and transformation.

Scorpio is a a fixed water sign, and is interested in working with the foundation available to go as deep as possible into emotional waters and bring to light what would otherwise fall into mystery. It's also represented by a Scorpion and it isn't afraid to take you to that place, where you're numbed out to a sting. Since it's Venus that's in Scorpio this is about going to those places where you're experiencing disharmony, that you may not even have been able to feel, in matters of love and romance, and healing there.

It may not seem so fun to feel that hurt, but it's not about feeling the hurt/pain, it's about the most peaceful process of releasing what's been festering, maybe just coming into the periphery of your awareness, and aligning your heart with love in that place. It's a simple process, you can just use the Mirror Exercise, as it's taught by Jeff and Shaleia.

Okenite, from the deck Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade, brings the message that you are fully supported in releasing karmic and past life patterns that do not serve your Twin Flame Union. With Venus in Scorpio taking you deep, it's easy to go to these places that may seem more fragile, and realizing that you can't actually be broken.

It feels good and appropriate to love and romance yourself and embrace your emotions warmly. It's a good time for childhood and teenage healing as well, this will further help you heal through karmic beliefs that have weighed you down. It's important to have compassion for yourself and it may help to look at art or listen to music that takes you to these places where creativity is begging to be expressed. The aesthetic right now can speak to facing and

releasing death, and choosing love and transformation in that place instead. Be open to exploring, and consider more movement, even dancing around to a song to help you express and release stagnant energy easily. Feel the divine energy rushing into your soul where the old has left and invite this peace to expand within you. This is nurturing to all of your divine relationships and to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Enjoy transforming your romantic life during this period, as it is coupled with the adventurous and expansive energy of Sagittarius Season (blog post on that coming soon).

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