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Twin Flames Oracle Card Reading: Week of July 30th, 2017

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck

"The definition of the soul set forth by Novalis is reflected in the archetypal image of the rainbow. Mythological and religious traditions view the rainbow as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds, or earthly and heavenly realms...The rainbow is described in Norse mythology as a bridge of fire, air and water, called Bifrost, that arches from Yggdrasil, the world tree on earth, to the home of the gods."

--Patricia Kaminski, Flowers that Heal

This week got off with a charged start, and we are feeling ready to give everything we have got and take it all on. But then when it comes time to take action, we are being called into a deeper, richer experience of reality that is quick to shatter and dissolve illusions if we let it. There is no reason to choose to stay in a state of hazy confusion; it lifts quickly when we feel past it to reveal the radiance of graceful inner strength. This recognition of the power of our own love nourishes us and enlivens us as we are gently guided along in union consciousness with our twin flames. Every place where disharmony is heard this week is amplified to remind us of where harmony resides (within). We can use this to easily recognize contrast and clear blocks we are experiencing at this time to our one true love. There is no need for frustration when we are shown a new layer of what we believed was already healed. This is a divinely revealed gift, and we can easily mirror when we see a clear reflection of what it is that is being called to our attention. Simply love, because the power of your love is always enough. There is no room for guilt or shame inside of your heart's opulent palace. But there is plenty of space for Harmonious Twin Flame Union there. If you find that you have left yourself and/or your twin outside of this palace of beautiful love, invite yourself back, invite your twin flame back. You are always found safe and supported by your divine creator here.

Uranus goes retrograde in Aries this week, on Wednesday evening, giving us the opportunity to explore and reach deeper awareness of our tendencies and patterns that involve taking sudden actions -- especially in relation to our deepest desires. There is no need to rush or not rush, that isn't what guides aligned action; like a seed that seems to suddenly show its life and sprout, loving ourselves in the depths allows the force of love to act through us in divinely aligned timing always -- we can trust in this completely.

Additionally, there is a square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn exact on Friday. Their was a Jupiter-Pluto square on November 24th of last year and March 30th of this year, so this is a great opportunity to vibe into the feelings and themes you were working with around those times, how you showed up for yourself and your healing, and recognize the progress that you have made. The power you feel within is real and anything bringing you to question your strength is drawing you to where it is really at. Seeing things crystal clear can feel intense when we've gotten used to the haze, but we don't need rose-colored lenses to see the sweet side of everything. This deeper perspective into where we've been attuning ourselves to on a more micro-cosmic level allows us to find the nectar that has always been there, in seemingly too small amounts to even notice. But when we vibe into that sweet spot we find everything that we need to sustain us and drink to our heart's content; underlying any tension or pressure, there is a delicious sense of peace that is in our highest integrity to surrender ever more deeply into. We are always supported in surrendering to the comfort of this peace and co-creating with God from here, in our heart's palace.

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