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Oracle Card Reading for the Week of July 9th

The card drawn for this week comes from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck. I've pulled a card for general guidance to all of those expressing alignment with Twin Flame Union consciousness. This card really speaks to the high vibration we are attuning to as our energy and focus is being correctly directed to loving ourselves and manifesting love around us. On Saturday Night, the Full Moon was in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and conjunct Pluto. This is a time of pulling up out of the depths what has been in creative incubation within us for a while now and bringing it to surface. You can use your divinely given creative force to not only express yourself, but also in going after your heart's dreams everything you truly desire is attainable. Don't worry about what other people will think of the real you (including your twin flame, they love the real you!). What you have to offer the world is given to you by creation and in essence is absolute and perfect. The time is always now, and right now is an especially potent time to put your all into acting and carrying out creatively, rather than just thinking, feeling, or meditating on it.

"She very soon came to an open field, with a wood on the other side of it: it looked much darker than the last wood, and Alice felt a little timid about going into it. However, on second thought, she made up her mind to go on: "for I certainly won't go back," she thought to herself, and this was the only way to the Eighth Square."

-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Any act that comes from your choice to align with creation and create does not need to be perceived as big or small, whatever you do is perfect and birthed from love. Right now is also a great time to reflect on what practical steps you might take to live in harmony with your life's purpose and to go ahead and take that first step, or two, or three, or four! If anything scares you, choose to move through the fear and be inspired by what remains of that perceived "fear" when you choose love and dissolve it, you might be surprised at the beautiful transformation! If you are feeling intense during this time and find yourself seeking guidance, consider calling upon your favorite Archangel or Spirit guide for support or grounding yourself in a natural setting with plants and animals, which can be refreshing!

Take the time now to change things up in your immediate surroundings to reflect your inner alignment. Maybe it is time to clean house, hang a new painting (or make one!), or put some flowers in the garden. Interact with your surroundings in the ways that bring you the most pleasure, diffuse some essential oils, put out some crystals, or try a new recipe for dinner. Let the creative spark in you manifest freely and openly -- this is a gift you can enjoy and share with others. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and create courageously this week. Your Twin Flame is designed to be with you, so the more you step into your divine self and choose to claim your heart's desires, the stronger the magnetizing effect you'll have to your Twin Flame and perfectly created divine complement.

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