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Twin Flame Union Virgo Season Vibe Reading 💓 Pick A Card For Your Oracle Message

Are you ready to get more organized and regimented in the spiritual work required to clear your core upsets to further harmonize with your Twin Flame? Virgo Season is the perfect time for this and starts August 23rd, the same day Mercury Retrograde in Virgo begins. Your whole reality is a reflection of your inner world so you may feel called to focus on organizing, cleaning, and letting things fall into divine order - no matter what actions you take you can always go within and begin with clearing your consciousness by aligning with love.

If you want to align with love in the most efficient and effective way, practice the Mirror Exercise regularly and make it a habit to go through each of the 4 steps any time you are feeling triggered or upset, whether by something your Twin Flame is mirroring or by something else you are experiencing.

Once you've picked your card, scroll down to 1, 2, or 3 for your Card Reading Reveal for your Twin Flame Ascension journey during Virgo Season:


  1. This beautiful Clear Quartz card is drawn for you from the Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky and it invites you to put your attention on the peace you are cultivating within. If you already meditate in one form or another, this is an invitation for you to take your practice to the next level in whatever way you are being guided to experience even more peace in your meditation routine. You can also focus on meditating when doing a variety of activities like cleaning, walking, cooking, organizing, etc. Your whole life can be felt as a peaceful flow of inhale and exhale at the perfect pace for you. Now is the time to refine meditation in your day-to-day life.

Creating space and time specifically designated to be with the divine will also help you to harmonize with your Twin Flame and stabilize your Union.


  1. The message of this card from Nature's Whispers Oracle is to Heighten your vitality, it's the perfect time to plug in and recharge. This card is not asking you to overextend your energy. Instead, it is calling you to honestly look at and feel your inner reserves and to take steps that promote balance in your life. From a balanced foundation, you can increase your vibe sustainably, you do not need to push yourself beyond your limit to reach your next step. Your energy flows through you from the divine, there is an unlimited source. That means that from an eternal perspective you have unlimited energy.

As you choose to clear your heart and mind, you naturally create space for this energy to flow productively through you and to enliven you. Give yourself permission to relax and practice self-care when you feel guided as you experience this energetic upgrade. Paying loving attention to yourself naturally attracts your Twin Flame into your reality.


3. The message here is to pay extra attention to how you listen and take in the world during this Virgo Season. This card is associated with your Throat Chakra and reminds you that as you become more refined and loving in your listening, you'll naturally have an easier time expressing yourself and being listened to.

This is also a good time to get inspired by music or other sounds. This will help strengthen your creative skills as well as make it more enjoyable for you to do the tasks of the day.

Lastly, this card is about listening to the divine within yourself and others. As you find quiet and peace, you can be clearly guided by the voice of the divine, which will naturally help you to build trust in your inner guidance. This trust-building is magnetizing to your Twin Flame and will also help you call in new levels of purpose and abundance.

If you'd like further insight schedule a reading with me or Ascension Coaching

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