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Twin Flame Union Energy Reading: Mars Retrograde & The 9/9/2020 Portal

Every month, there is a day that matches the number of the month, and sometimes this is referred to as a portal day. Besides it being attention-grabbing, it does bring extra emphasis to the meaning behind the number, in this case, 9.

The number 9 is associated with the completion of a cycle, faith, universal spiritual laws, and utilizing spiritual wisdom to serve humanity. There's more, of course, that defines the number 9, but these are some highlights of the essence of this beautiful number.

Mars is also going retrograde today, in the sign it rules, Aries, until November 13th, 2020. Mars goes retrograde every 2 years, and it's a great time to feel the inner passion that truly fuels your purpose. At this time, allow the divine to guide you more deeply into the essence and vibration of how you desire to provide service to this world. Serving feels good and joyful when it is done as you are naturally designed to, and there is a calling in this world for you to deliver your gift, so keep going and don't give up on yourself.

If challenges arise in how you relate both to yourself inwardly and to the world, it's time to do the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia. All of the steps are laid out, plus references, in my recent post regarding the energy and setting intentions for the month of September. You may also find it really beneficial at this time to do light physical activity as stagnant energy comes up to be released. Mars retrograde also asks you to assess your physical activity and interactions - how can you utilize movement as a tool in your personal day-to-day life for your ascension? It's a great time to take a deep dive into revitalizing yourself, and one of the best ways to do this is to be present with yourself and see where your attention is being drawn to within, including paying attention to your sensuality and sexual desires, since that energy is also related to Mars. Attuning your awareness of how your energy is flowing within and rooting out and sealing off energy leaks is a wonderful way to easily harmonize your Twin Flame Union within. Mars is also a depiction of the Divine Masculine, (literally the symbol is the same), and whether you are the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine in your Union, this time can bring greater awareness and healing to the Divine Masculine perspective of your Union, and to Twin Flame consciousness in general.

Where you sometimes might shy away from the fire within, you'll have an easier time, now, stepping into that "burning ring" if you let go of your fear and control - all that you'll actually find there is more closeness to what and who you hold dear in your heart, including your True Twin Flame. Taking the initiative within to claim what matters to you signals a big cosmic "Yes" to the universe and will inevitably help you move forward in the direction of love.

The card I pulled for you is from Eternal Crystals Oracle by Jade-Sky. It's the number 2, signaling that paying attention to your upper chakras at this time can help you attune to the loving vibration of oneness with your Twin Flame. This card also strikes a nice balance to the super hot energy present in Mars. Looking at it, to me, feels refreshing. If you find yourself feeling overworked, overheated, or just a bit lackluster energetically during this period of time, I would recommend bringing awareness to your throat chakra and loving this part of yourself up. This sounds so basic, but staying hydrated and paying attention to the flow of the liquid while enjoying drinking it can be an easy way to bring loving awareness to this part of yourself. You may also want to take some time to visit a body of water, or even spend some time looking up at the blue sky and relaxing.

Meeting your passions with peace, and choosing your foundation of peace to fuel your passions will allow your Union and purpose to expand in love sustainably.

Take the next step in your Union and book a Discovery Session with me, I can help you with what you are moving through right now, you don't need to remain in separation from your Twin Flame or life purpose, you are meant to harmonize with your Twin Flame and live abundantly, and you can. Remember, first and foremost to keep choosing love, and that starts with loving yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about your own astrology, or the dynamics between you and your Twin Flame, explore the readings I offer, here.


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