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Twin Flame Union Energy Reading: Choosing True Love & Integrity

Along your Twin Flame journey, if you feel like you could be overtaken by anything like guilt, shame, anger, fear - all essentially are ego and not real - it's safe to let that go now. You can choose to be your best self always, by simply choosing love instead.

Today's card was drawn from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield and depicts a seahorse along with a mermaid figure, looking up toward where the sun is hitting the ocean's surface. I have to say, it looks pretty good to be her right now, it's so hot here today, it's looking good to live in the ocean!

The message of this card is clear: "Be your best self always." So what does it mean to be your best self? The basis for doing this is going to be simply putting the divine first and foremost in your life, and the next order of business is to then prioritize YOURSELF. That's right, not your Twin Flame, not everyone else, not the children, not the plants or your pet. You.

When you love yourself, you're going to find it much easier to love your Twin Flame. And that is who comes next in the order of operations. So, if you are finding that you are loving your Twin Flame, and yet not able to give yourself that love, or see it returned, it's time to do the Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia. I recently wrote a post that includes the steps and references here.

This isn't to say that if your dog is panting for water that you need to make sure your nails are painted and you've watched that episode of your favorite show first. It's important to assess as you go, what is the most loving thing to do in each moment, and not only does your dog want water, but it will probably bring you a lot of joy and contentment to make sure your pet is taken care of in this instance. But maybe you need to take a swig of water first, because you're also thirsty, and this way you'll have an easier time with the task. Putting yourself first, choosing to love yourself, is self-restorative and it ensures that you'll be able to love all that your heart is called to not just in the short-term but continuously in a way that feels peaceful and expansive.

Loving the divine, and choosing to clear any separation between you and the Divine/Source/God helps love flow in your life in a way that feels good. It becomes easier to receive guidance and to feel into how you can best love yourself in each moment. From this foundation, you attract and invite your True Twin Flame naturally. When you are choosing love, it also creates more stability in your life and it becomes easier to say "no" to what does not serve you. Letting someone, for instance, walk all over you, does not serve you. Trying to serve all of humanity, but not being able to find the time and space for self-care also is not loving or respectful to yourself. And, attempting to get one area of your life to "look good" on the outside, while taking from yourself as well as not even actually feeling good about the thing you are leaking your energy into to gain approval, also is not serving your highest self.

Seahorses also have an interesting and unique journey to adulthood. The male births the children from his pouch (the female puts her eggs after mating in his pouch) and only a few out of thousands survive, as they are basically left to their own devices after birth. Seahorses also are known to be monogamous in the wild and are known for having a beautiful mating dance, as well. You can be that baby seahorse that makes it to adulthood and commits to Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, just choose now to be your best self always, and keep choosing love at every juncture - it's worth it. You've got this!

If you'd like support in harmonizing your Twin Flame Union, clearing blocks to your true life purpose and abundance, then book a Discovery Session with me so I can help you through Ascension Coaching and guide you through each step of the Mirror Exercise. You absolutely can clear the separation between you and your Twin Flame, but it's you that has to decide to take that next step and continue to commit to claiming deeper levels of love.

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