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Twin Flame Union Energy Reading: Calling In Your True Desires

If there is something that you desire in your life, you can choose to embody it now and become what you desire. The message of this beautiful card from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland is number 1 of the Violet cards: New Vitality. There is new vitality headed your way in your relationships because you have been calling in more love. You can choose to continue to embody more love, more vitality, to be energy, to be abundant, and you can even choose to align with the vibration of your Harmonious Union within. Will anything change on the outside? Probably, but that isn't the point.

The point is always how you feel because your feelings are primary. If you have a billion dollars, but you feel terrible, you may be admired by many. However, it won't matter to your terrible feelings. That's not to say you need to feel terrible about having great wealth, but this is why some people who achieve great things still feel empty inside because they aren't honoring love within. By honoring love, and answering love's true calling, you will always be fulfilled and receive accordingly.

This is how you can naturally attract your Twin Flame into your life, by prioritizing what love would have for you. Love would see you supported on your Twin Flame and spiritual journey and also put you through challenges only in truth to actually love you and to give to you what it is you desire in the most compassionate, responsible, and efficient way possible for your unique Twin Flame journey. So don't be discouraged if a specific area isn't exactly what you hoped for just yet. It doesn't matter your age, your degrees, or anything else. There is nothing that could make you "not quite" worthy of love, just you being you makes you enough - that's how you were created, as enough.

So fill your heart with peace and joy, cherish the connections that are in your day to day life at this time, and let this joy and revitalization within blossom in your heart, and into your high heart. May you feel the many colors of joy running through your energy system today!

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