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Twin Flame Union Energy Reading: Blossoming To The Next Level 🌺

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

What is budding up in your life and Twin Flame journey? It's time to go deeper with assessing the energy within you and around you and pay attention to what it is within you that wants to blossom in the sun, who is this version of you that wants to be seen? When you choose to grow in the light, it's much easier for everyone, including your Twin Flame, to recognize you and to meet you there, where you are choosing to grow. You and your Twin Flame are always making the same choices at the very core of your being, because you choose as one there. So when you truly recognize and nurture what is coming to fruition in your life, you and your Twin Flame share in this higher vibration you are stepping into.

Some people and circumstances may vibe out of your reality, or evolve with you, as you consciously surrender to the shift of your vibration, and either way is perfectly fine. Don't be afraid of change, and what can also be helpful is remembering that a person who is truly meant to be in your life, be it a family member, friend, or otherwise, will be revealed because they will either remain in your life, or if they vibe out for a time being, they will vibe back in if the relationship with them is truly a healthy one.

There is a difference between someone vibing back into your life versus the old vortex/energy of your previous vibration testing you to see if you want to go back to it and remain "comfortable" (hint: that is not true comfort, it's settling for less than you are calling in and will feel bad, so it's easy to tell when this is happening). Sometimes, it takes getting clear within yourself, first, before it becomes clear what and who is meant to remain in your life at this time. As you blossom and grow, it will be easier to feel what actually feels good to you, and what does not, your Twin Flame will always meet you in the peace you feel within.

It's always safe to choose what is moving you in the direction that love is guiding you in, this is the direction that will see to it that the true desires in your heart come to fruition as well. Sometimes, a desire in your heart needs to be fully seen and recognized by you, before it can begin to take shape in your reality, so don't be afraid to go deeper in getting clear on what it is that you truly do desire and are passionate about.

Today's card, Blossom, number 20, from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland, depicts a woman who is not afraid to nurture and see herself through the process of blossoming. You can see all of the energy she is putting into this process, but the energy is not coming from her, it comes from the light, from Source. Remember that you blossom not with energy that begins and ends with you, but with energy from an infinite and most high place. This divine energy is the same energy that helps you create your personal heaven on Earth. Remembering, as Yogananda puts it: "Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world," can help you to allow yourself to grow at this time. There is no change that you desire that lives outside of your own heart, what you are doing is enough, and you are enough in and of yourself and for your True Twin Flame.

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