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Twin Flame Union Energy Astrology & Chakra Reading

I remember a co-worker once said to me "well, there's always something going on with astrology" and, yes that's true. It's not an opportunity to blame your Twin Flame journey for not going as planned, but it is an opportunity to take a step toward more clarity and the truth. It's a system based on Divine order, and it's something that I find easily accessible to both the left and the right brain. Right now, Venus has recently entered Virgo and Pluto has stationed direct.

With Pluto having gone direct in Capricorn on October 4th, I'm noticing themes of throat chakra clearing and the truth being revealed by feeling and acknowledging extremely uncomfortable patterns that have been running. This speaks both to societal patterns and personal ones, especially with Pluto being a transpersonal (dwarf) planet (one of the outer planets that stays in a sign for many years, helps define characteristics of generations, and was discovered thousands of years after the inner planets). One thing Pluto is known for is rebirth, and in Capricorn, you may be doing impactful healing at this time geared toward the rebirth of getting in tune with your soul's true design. This is a wonderful time to let intuitive hits you are getting about your divine life purpose really sink in and integrate.

I pulled a card, Truth, from Rachelle Charman's Chakra Reading Cards, it's perfect for Libra Season themes and as a reminder to pay attention to how your throat chakra is feeling at this time. Remember not to let your emotions get bottled up in this place, it's important to release here and trust that when you feel called to speak and express yourself that you are enough and that what you desire to share from your heart has innate value. Sharing is a beautiful moment in which you are both giving and receiving in an experience. If you have a block to either giving and/or receiving, this card signals to you to pay attention and care for your throat chakra at this time. You can even do this in physical ways, like drinking your favorite tea, or taking time to focus on your breath and the way air feels both entering and leaving the area of your throat chakra.

Along with Pluto going direct after about 6 months of being retrograde, Venus recently entered the sign of Virgo. This is a great time to go into the center of your heart and acknowledge your Twin Flame for all of the things that they do "behind the scenes," that otherwise would go unnoticed. This could even simply be energetically what you notice about how your Twin Flame loves you within. Acknowledging this and appreciating it can have a profound impact on healing your heart chakra and help you release any resentment or other patterns and bad feelings that need to go "bu-bye." As you heal this place within, what you express outwardly will also feel much more balanced and good to you. When you feel good about sharing your experience, it becomes easier to share more, and this is a healthy and easy way to positively impact others. It's also highly magnetic to your Twin Flame because you are choosing to express the authentic you, the you that they recognize and love.

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