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Twin Flame Union Card Reading: Libra Season & The Equinox Energy

The seasons are shifting and it's either Fall or Spring, depending on the hemisphere you're in ... and it's now Libra Season. You can incorporate all of your Virgo Season experiences and move forward into this shift of energy taking place. And before you continue reading this, if you need to take a quick break to make or go out and get yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte or something, by all means ... treat yourself right and read on in comfort ...

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and themes centered on love and harmony are on the rise as there's a deep desire to balance out the energy within you, as well as around you. Working on your foundation for the last month or so had a certain methodology to it, and now it's time to balance out where you weren't directing your energy so your whole self and Twin Flame Union receive the loving attention required for deeper levels of harmony.

Around, now, with the equinox and energy shift, it's helpful to recharge and perhaps take some extra time to rest, enjoy some good food, and commune with the divine in this way of enjoying life's simple pleasures. The divine wants nothing more than to see you truly happy, and when you can share those moments, you're also inviting your whole self, hence your Twin Flame, into your loving and enjoyable experience, as well.

I've pulled four cards from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue. The first is the Knight of Air, the second is Eight of Fire, the third is Knight of Earth, and the final card is Queen of Water. The cards give you a sense of what you are working toward at this time in your Union. Remember that it's ok to release control and allow things to change at the rate and the pace that the divine has in store for you. This may be at a different pace than you think you are ready for, whether slower or faster in some areas of your life isn't the point, it's just about flowing with peace and letting that direct and balance you. Flowing with peace also allows creative solutions to present themselves, all you must do, as these cards indicate, is honor what is presented to you to follow through with.

Sometimes, only you and the divine are aware of a commitment you've made, and so in these cases, you must learn to listen even more keenly to the directives you are receiving and keep going one step at a time in the direction that feels truly good and loving. You can cultivate healthy self-discipline by doing what the Knight of Earth card suggests and remaining dedicated to and present with what is in front of you in each moment. There's almost always a to-do list, but you aren't a robot, and sometimes you have to even read between the lines of your own to-do list to find out what it is that is going to bring you into deeper harmony right now. When you pay attention to yourself, and your own needs, it will be easier to get everything done that actually needs to be accomplished for you to move forward on solid ground.

The last card ties everything together, reminding you that your pursuit is loving and peaceful. Everything that you do, on some level, is guiding you into more harmonious relationships with the divine, yourself, your Twin Flame, and everyone else in your life. It's time to uproot any patterns that aren't serving you, and Libra based patterns may include people-pleasing and especially attempting to put your Twin Flame before yourself in some kind of way energetically. This is never the way to go, and you are invited at this time to look more deeply at how you can re-direct your loving attention in a healthy way. Be present with yourself in each moment, and you'll notice how much more easily things fall harmoniously into place. Your Twin Flame desires for you to be in Harmonious Union with the divine and yourself, just as much as they desire to also love you and meet you there.

"O sudden resurrection! O countless blessings! O blazing fire in the jungle of thoughts. Today, you arrive with laughter to break open the jail."

🌹 Rumi 🌹

Take your next step and schedule Ascension Coaching and a Twin Flame Reading for enhanced romantic vibes this Libra Season. Remember to treat yourself right in all that you do and enjoy this shift in seasons. Take some time to appreciate and observe how this shift feels within you, and also consider a nature walk to take it all in. Remember, balance and harmony are essential and highlighted at this time for your overall well-being and your Union.


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