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Twin Flame Tarot Reading 💘 Love Activation 11 11 Portal

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

November 11th is 11/11 and well known as a highlighted day of high vibration energy, sometimes referred to as a Twin Flame Portal. A portal can assist you in creating the reality you desire, but it's you that must decide to create your Heaven on Earth, no portal can magically take you there if it isn't in alignment with your current consciousness.

This is why it is so important to heal every block in the way of harmonizing with your Twin Flame, as you do so, you step into a new portal, a new vortex, a new reality - yet the only real reality because it is based on love - this is how you can ascend with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union while also fulfilling your heart's desires.

Eleven Eleven stands for new beginnings, like turning a new chapter in the book of your life. How would you like this chapter to go? Would it serve you to release the drama in favor of deeper peace, love, and bliss - it doesn't mean avoiding any lessons you'll learn, or adventures you'll take, but it does mean laying down chaos in favor of divine order for yourself and your Union with your Twin Flame. Your whole reality can come completely into divine order, as you surrender control and open your heart to love's hand working with you in all aspects of your life.

The card for 11/11 for your Twin Flame Love Activation is from the Lover's Path Tarot. The card is the Prince of Cups. The Prince of Cups invites you to not have your Twin Flame Ascension path be something you only "moonlight" and do in your spare time, waiting for the finances to invest, waiting for the love in your heart to arrive, or the energy to do the spiritual work, or the creativity to flow. The Prince of Cups invites you to feel your emotions - with grace - now, and to take action that you can honestly take in healing and creating space to do your spiritual work. Where in your life can you create more room for love?

This card is also a signal to be open to your divine creative flow within. It can help you ground the high vibration of the 11/11 Portal Energy. As you ground what you feel, you embrace it and call more of this feeling and vibration into your reality, you also create the needed foundation to release what no longer aligns with what you have called in.

Aligning to love is highly magnetic to your True Twin Flame, it means you are also aligning to your own authentic self, as you are created in love and only in love. Your authenticity is pure love and your Twin Flame recognizes you when you express your soul from this pure loving place.

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Happy 11 11 Twin Flames!

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