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Twin Flame Reading Today: 11:11 Sign 🦋 It's Time To Make A Choice

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Today's Twin Flame Reading comes with the well known Twin Flame sign of the number 11 and indicates that it is time to step into your bounty. Your ways of creating and expressing yourself in the past have value, but in order to fully realize the value of your experiences up until now, it's time to look at all of the invested energy you have put into cultivating what you desire and fully choose it. There are no back doors to settling on your Twin Flame path, and the more you are able to trust Source, the more you will find that you do not need to invest your energy into worry and doubt because you have your vision set on love itself instead.

How much energy have you put into worry in your lifetime? Do you see how it's not the way forward, how feeding these patterns of fear only drain you? Have complete compassion for yourself, while you make inner energetic investment adjustments back into love. Remember that you are created by the Highest Power and you are created as enough, you do not need to become something to be enough, but release the idea that you are not enough in order to attune yourself to the peace available to you within. As you shed layers of worry and doubt, you refine your vibration and find yourself in more harmony with your Twin Flame Union and more true to how you are created to be.

As the card drawn from Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield depicts, life itself is beckoning you forward. You do not need to give in to the old ways. As you can see, the drawings on her left side serve a purpose, but it would not make sense for her to step that way. The realization of the drawings is on her other side and she is fully supported in stepping into the lushness that she has diligently cultivated through holding the dreams in her heart high. The number 11 indicates that you are attracting new opportunities sparked with creative energy to you at this time.

If you have failed in the past, it's safe to look at those experiences and see how healing through the upsets brought up through the failure was actually a blessing and a gift that provided you with the insights needed to restore your foundation within. This speaks to both your Twin Flame journey and your True Life Purpose. Where are you being called to make a decision, to choose love, at this time? Step fully into the love you have cultivated and embrace it completely. Do not be afraid to move forward with the next step that you are being guided to take. There is no step too big or small, there is just the next step right in front of you and you are always equipped to take it. Sometimes the next step is inner work, and sometimes it is direct action, and if it is direct action, notice how it sprouts from a place of peace within that you have attuned yourself to sustainably.

It's time to give yourself credit for all that you have done so far on your healing journey. Do something nice for yourself today and take some space to appreciate where you have come from and where you are going. And especially, be present with where you are right now, and appreciate yourself as you ground into the present more deeply with your loving awareness.

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Watch the video that coincides for more, including ... another # 11 card:

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