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Twin Flame Reading: DM & DF Are Relaxing Into Peace

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Today's Twin Flame Reading highlights the importance of releasing your resistance to complete healing at this time for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. As Libra Season draws to a close, and soon transitions into Scorpio Season it's a good time to reflect on how you've experienced more justice and mercy, balance and harmony, and closeness in all of the relationships in your life. A big theme has been in regard to trust, which always begins with trusting the divine and also your highest-self.

Look at where you've been guided to uphold a trusting foundation in your own heart, and honestly look at all of the healing you have been doing. Take a moment now to close your eyes, or soften your gaze, and visualize the peace you feel in your heart. Whether the peace feels like only a pinprick or a palace, remember that it is always there within you. Peace can never be taken from anyone, including you. As you release resistance to the peace that you feel and recognize it is the truth of your being, you allow it to expand within you and around you.

Today's card is pulled from Doreen Virtue's Crystal Angels Oracle and indicates a relaxed approach to your daily activities is what is being called for at this time. Notice the depiction of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine upholding light together and how effortless it looks. Is there somewhere where you are resisting peace by trying to act as both you and your True Twin Flame? Feel into where you may be doing more than the divine is asking of you at this time, quiet your inner world, and listen. When you are over-doing, you are actually missing the mark. It's time to go deeper into trusting the guidance you are receiving and not doing more or less, but instead, only what you are being called to do in each moment.

As I write this, I'm also feeling into this guidance within myself. I can feel more deeply into allowing the divine to flow through me and complete this blog. Everything becomes easier when you choose to flow with peace. Ego may try to make it complicated - one indication that this is happening is when something starts to feel bad. You are never asked to feel bad, if something points you to a bad feeling, you can easily resolve it using the Mirror Exercise. As you cultivate the healing of your own love within, it becomes easier to transition peacefully from one activity in your life to the next.

It's time to invite more into your work and home life, so see if you can work from a place of peaceful passion and be more subtly aware of each moment you spend in your activity or transition from one to the next. You may also desire to unwind by going outside, having a hot cup of tea, or something else that is grounding and invites you to be fully present in the moment. Being present with yourself in every moment of your day invites more opportunities to live from a place of purpose, support, and abundance. You are worthy of all of these things and of harmonizing perfectly with your Twin Flame. Appreciate the harmony you already are experiencing in your life and allow that peaceful, harmonious feeling to be one with your entire energy system. Relax into the peace that is you, now.

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